T•K•Max Purchases! 


First buy of the day! 

W7 London eyes. 

RRP: £10.95 T•K•Max price: £5.99

“It’s all about the eyes this Christmas, Let W7 help transform you from wide eyed dewy to fabulous and flirty in one fanatastic set.” 

The set includes: 

  • Absolute Lashes Mascara-Blackest Black 
  • Liquid Eyeliner-Black
  • King Kohl Eyeliner Pencil-Blackest Black

The packaging

I have to first of all mention the way the product is presented. It is so revelent as it is extra Christmasy! The products are laid out so nicely behind the transparent box with snowflake design, you can clearly see each product and their names. The box design is so simple and so effective! It definitely has got me excited for Christmas make up and Christmas parties! ❄️

King Kohl Eyeliner Pencil-Blackest Black 

When it comes to eyeliners I normally stick with my good old Boots Collection felt tip but I felt like a change! Now, when it comes to pencil eyeliners I either find them too soft and you end up with a wonderful Halloween costume of a panda, or I find that the pigment isn’t strong enough and it ends up slightly gray. 

Trying out this W7 London Eyes kit I found that the pencil Eyeliner was great! I tend to only use pencil Eyeliner on my lower lid so that’s why smudging is a nightmare! I found as soon as I used this one it was great! It was highly pigmented and stayed in place without smudgeing.

The fantastic thing is it gives a crisp line but allows you to blend out for more of a smokey eye so it is perfect for a day to night look! 

Liquid Eyeliner-Black 

Liquid eyeliners aren’t normally my go to product when it comes to my eyes. My everyday look is to add a flick on the outer corner of my eyes and I find some liquid eyeliners are a bit messy! 

I have to give it to this product, it was easy to apply and a loved the final look. The long and thin applicator means I am able to apply the liner so easily and can adjust my grip for the angles of my eye and the flick. When you pull out the applicator you can feel that the bottle gets small meaning you don’t end up with too much product, which is perfect for a liquid liner! The end is thick at the top and then becomes thinner, allowing me to make an even line across my top lash and use the small end to make a crisp, precise flick! 

All I can say is I am a very happy bunny and this liquid liner is a great alternative to a felt tip style liner. 

Absolute Lashes Mascara-Blackest Black

I always try different mascara’s and am yet to just stick with the one! I think I’m probably not the only one that does this but I am always changing product even if the one I have hasn’t run out, just because I can’t get enough! 

The first thing I liked about this product is the bottle, the colour and the angled shape is modern and looks expensive! For an affordable high street brand I think the simple design makes it look really high end! 

The product itself I would have to day is also really nice. The brush is a great size considering the brisels are plastic, as I’ve found in the past plastic brushes are quite small. The mascara glided through my Lashes and the product wasn’t heavy at all, which is great as I hate heavy mascara if I’m wearing it everyday. The one thing is that this product is better for enhancing length rather than volume. It does apply so well but I do like a bit of volume as my lashed can sometimes look quite thin. But that being said the product is really nice and I would definitely recommend if you are looking for an new affordable mascara! 
Hope you liked my first product post! My next will be on a brow kit I also got in T•K•Max! 


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