T•K•Max-Brow kit! 


The Brow effect- City Collor Collection 

T•K•Max price: £5.99 (Bargain!) 

“Medium & dark powder to blend for the perfect shade!”  

Kit includes: 

  • Small angled brush 
  • 1 medium powder 
  • 1 dark powder 
  • Brow wax 


The packaging of the product was actually very simple, including the logo on the back and a look inside to see what it includes. The items were set out really nicely so I could see everything that was included and the the names. I really liked that they had the lids off the powders so you could see colour and that it was a compact powder rather than loose. This also meant I could see if any product has smashed or had gone a bit manky (you never know)! I did like the over all look and that the box was big enough that the products were all separate rather than like a palette. 

I’m going to start with a little criticism and just get that out the way quickly! 

Let’s talk about the brush

Now I do have to stress this is a cheaper product and affordable, which hasn’t effect the usage but the brush was definitely the down side! It was very plasticky and when I do my eyebrows I do like to have precision. The issue with this brush is due to the plasticky quality it meant that the bristles stuck out all over the shop! Luckily I did already have a brush that I had already been using for my brow application so decided to use this one instead. When it comes to brushes anyway I do you prefer to buy them separately as I think brushes are 100% personal preference! I personally just felt the brush was not together enough to achieve the brow affect that I like. 

Medium and dark brow powder

The brow kit I have previously used is a revelation pallette and I tend to use the more liquid side of the pallette for my eyebrows but I thought I would give these powders ago. The look of the powders were so compact they really appealing to me it looked like a soft powder that would apply really nicely so I decided to take the risk!

I have to say these poders are so nice! I find that because I have such dark eye brows if I apply too much product it makes my features way too intense! (Brunettes I think you’ll feel my pain here). When I applied these powders, they didn’t go all over the place which I was concern about but actually applied really well! The darker colour was just right for my arch and end of my brow and the medium colour wasn’t too intense for the start of my brow. 

The one thing that I have to commend this kit for it the blending of the two shades! They flowed really well into one another and it meant my brows look fuller but still natural!! 

Brow wax 

This was my first time using any setting product on my eyebrows, don’t get me wrong there is loads of ones I want to try just haven’t got  round to it.  So as this was included I thought I might as well test it out with the rest. 

My verdict is that yes it does it’s job and yes it’s not too heavy…my only qualm is the application of the product. 

As the application is a sort of pencil it is very thick which means it just covers the whole brow. That being said I guess that’s great it you apply a product to the entire brow but for me, as I said early, my brows are so dark I only need product around the edge for shape. When I put it on you can’t avoid it going all across the brow, which initially felt quite heavy. I was really aware of the product which I was not a fan of! But when it dried it turned out to be pretty light.

I’m not sure about the wax to be honest, I would however like to try some other products to set my brows…let me know if you have any recommendations! 
Just another mini post I hope you enjoy! 💜 


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