November’s BirchBox 😍🌸

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My first Birch Box came! I am so excited to start a monthly review of the box with all the lovely little samples!  
Know I know this review is mega mega late but my gosh what a busy month it’s been, especially building up to Christmas! 

So the box included: 

  • BB cream 
  • Face oil 
  • Lip primer 
  • Moisturiser 
  • Wet hair brush 

Now I will pop all the names on my twitter or have a look on the BirchBox shop to grab the products! 

As this was my first box I was so pleased with the way it was presented, the box was so cool! I love the stylish nature around it, not only do you get the products but the gorgeous boxes are 100% keepers! 


My 2 favourites in the box this month has to be the lip primer and the wet hair brush! 

I have never used a lip primer before but I and so going to start using them! I really struggle with dry lips and when I wear Matte lipstick (which are my go to style) it just doesn’t have that smooth effect I want. With this lip primer it just gets you lips all ready and smooth to apply the lip colour. Not only this but it says it helps keep on the product for longer, and it actually does! Very happy bunny right now! 

I also really liked the Wet hair brush! It fits perfectly in you handbag which is perfect this month with all this windy weather! The brush is so soft against your scalp and doesn’t irritate at all! Perfect little travel hairbrush! Would really recommend this product.
The BB cream is something I have never tried before. I have heard so much about these creams but always worried it wouldn’t be enough coverage for me to wear on it’s own. When I had a day at home I needed to pop to the shop so I thought it was the perfect time to use this cream as I didn’t need a full face of make up. Surprising it covers quite well on its own! I had a couple of blemished and it almost blurred them, not completely hid them but certainly did enough for what I needed! I would 100% buy some BB cream now as it felt great on my skin and still gave me that little bit of coverage I wanted! 

The oil and the moisturiser I have used a couple of times together. I haven’t used face oil before, but I suggests using a small amount before applying moisturiser. I moisturise every morning and like that fresh feeling and I felt the oil almost took that away. It want heavy but I just felt a lot of product on my face, especially as I found this moisturise quite thick. It was still nice but I love my Niva moisturiser I always use and as for the oil I think I will have to keep using it just to see if it is worth it! 
Again sorry this was so late! Hope you liked this mini revie on Novembers BirchBox! I promise to be better this month! 

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