Cue Camera Southampton! 📸

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Listen up! This was literally so much fun and so much fun! 

Popped up outside of the Southampton Guildhall is the Cue Camera booth, for photos and Christmas cheer! They have two photo booths and so many costumes to choose from! 

You can dress up with your friends and family and have and evening or day of fun! 

I have to say the costumes they have were such good quality! You had the large novelty ones and then full costumes like santa, eleven and reindeer all the way to the tights! Honestly I had an idea of what the event may have been like but I could not have excepted how much of a pure laugh it was! 

When we got in, I didn’t know what to think. When people started to get dressed and we saw the quality of the outfits we could not stop laughing and just wanting to try more on! They let us try as many as we wanted and we were in and out of the booths as new characters the whole evening! 

If you are looking for something fun to do with friends, family or even a works do, I could not recommend this more! 

It was just Christmas cheese at it’s finest! I mean look at us!! 🌲

I have to give a shout out to the staff who were working. They were so happy and chatty, helping people with costumes and making sure everyone was smiling! 

The photographers were taking loads of pictures, suggesting poses and ensuring everyone was having fun and getting stuck in! They were so prepared and clued up on what they were doing and all so willing to help us and make sure we have a ball! 

What an evening! I honesty could not praise it anymore! What a great idea and what great Christmas fun! 


  • The booth opens Thursday 8th and is there right through to New Years Eve! 
  • Open everyday 10am to 10pm (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day) 
  •  Cue Camera is the brainchild of Brad Hunter! 
  • Have a shoot with family and friends from as little as £15! 
  • Book online or pop in! 
  • Cue Camera Is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

Get your butts down there Sotoners! 

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