Robin Hood Panto! @ The Mayflower Southampton 

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I got to attend the fabulous Robin Hood panto Tuesday 20th of December as the Sotonbloggers were gifted the tickets to be apart of the press evening. 

I have to start with  saying thank you to Sotonbloggers and the Mayflower Theatre because I had a great evening! 

I haven’t seen a pantomime in years, not since I was a little girl. I couldn’t really remember what to expect, but I knew to expect comedy, silliness and basically a fab night! 

There was so many aspects in this panto I could not be more impressed. The costumes and choreography were amazing as always when I see any show at the Mayflower. The colours and pop of the stage was entertainment in it’s self they must have had  fab stage and costume designers! The cast were so impressive being not only dancers but they had characters that were acrobats and magicians! 

The merry men were tumbling and flipping all over the place, it was intense and exciting and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage! I loved they way they gave the supporting characters extra, the tumbling and Merlin being an actual magician! When the character Merlin would come on stage he would perform little tricks varying from fire tricks and even using doves! It was such a good touch have the wizard perform actual magic tricks! 

Shane Richie as Robin Hood was great! He played the character well but what was more entertaining was the adlib and he ability to have fun on stage! The point of a panto is for it to be silly, fun and for things to just go wrong! Kids love it and that’s who these shows are really for! I mean there was a TRex on stage at one point, but who cares the kids were going crazy! There was a dinosaur on stage! 

His corpsing on stage is normally something that would be awful but in a panto the more fun they’re having on stage the more fun the audience are having! Shane really knew how to play the crowd and even his fellow performers, I was just laughing the whole way through! 

The two made a great pair and there relationship from working together for years came across so well on stage. They were having a great time and so were we! 

Involvement of the audience isn’t usually something I am too keen on, but in a panto it’s what’s it’s all about and everyone really got involved! They kids were yelling but to be honest I think the adults were giving it just as much as them! Just laugh after laugh and a real family buzz to the whole thing! 

Another element they threw in which I haven’t never seen in let alone a Panto but a big stage show like this, was a 3D section, yes 3D! 

When we went in we were given glasses and told we would be given an indication when to put them on. After the interval a screen came down and Robin explained to put the glasses on as we were about to enter the ‘Enchanted Forest’. We all put our glasses on an enjoyed the 3D adventure! Everyone was screaming and laughing and it was an excellent element to add to the show! I’ve never seen anything like it and it was brilliant! 

All I can say is if you can get tickets to this wonderful performance do it! And if you already have tickets I am very jealous as I want to see it all over again! 

What a night of laughter and enjoyment! Hearing kids laugh and there parents too, as there was something for all to keep everyone engaged! You just don’t notice the stuff for the adults when you are a kid but it’s hilarious! 

In traditional panto theme at the end they had some kids come on stage with Shane, who was great at talking with them and making the audience laugh! It was so adorable and funny! 

I would highly recommend this show to families and even friends it was a great night and I am so grateful I got to see this wonderful show! 

The Mayflower Southampton never disappoints and I am very lucky to have a wonderful theatre with brilliant shows so close by! Go on and see a show!! 


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