Bali Belly! First Travel Blog!

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In September I was lucky enough to travel in and around Bali, Indonesia with one of my closet friends and it was one of the best experiences of my life!

I have been quite a few places in my life and am very lucky to have done so, varying from Spain to America to Morocco. All of these places I have been have been amazing but I have never really had the chance to properly travel and explore a country, which is something I have always wanted to do!

Now I didn’t know the half of what to do when it came to actually travelling round somewhere, especially on my own! So first of all, because I didn’t really fancy going alone as I the thought was a little daunting to me, I decided to go with my friend from university who was also looking to travel. Secondly, we decided to go with a company with an organised tour, so we could be safe and have everything organised and sorted for us! Which I think is an excellent idea for first time travellers!

Now to start I have to say an organised tour was the best choice we made! We met the most amazing group of people and it added so much to the experience for me!


There was such a variety of people from different places! New York, Canada, Boston, China and various places across the UK, it was just so much fun having the chance to meet these genuinely wonderful people!

I loved being apart of a tour, now I know it isn’t for everyone, but we didn’t have to worry about anything as it was all prearranged! We could just turn up and see and experience this gorgeous place without a care in the world, and the experiences we got were incredible!


  • Following wild dolphins
  • learning how to surf from local surf guru’s
  • Temples
  • Monkey Forest, feeding wild monkeys
  • Travelling to the top of a active volcano at 3am to watch the sun rise over Bali

These were some of my favourite experiences over the trip and memories I will never forget!


This boat trip was honestly incredible (as I am going to say about pretty much everything). We got on boats and headed out with the locals to follow wild dolphins in the sea. Can I also mention now, this is much a better way to see them rather than seeing them in captivity, as you really see them living the way they SHOULD be living! We followed the dolphins around and because of the clear waters, when they weren’t popping up we could see them swimming below. We cold sit on the polls either side of the boats for a better view and we really got up close to these beautiful families of Ā dolphins. It is something I never thought I would be able to experience and it is something I will never forget!


The surfing lesson was so much fun! I had never done it before and doing it in the warm Balinese sea made it even better. We were taught everything we needed to know and the guys on the beach teaching us were so helpful and pretty much got us all up and surfing. I fell off so many times when I started but with persistence I mange to stand up quite a bit! We enjoyed this so much that when the tour was over, the few of us staying for a couple of extra days, heading back with our tour leader who hung out with us for a while to have another go! I can safely say I am a surf girl! Maybe a bit different if I try it in the freezing waters if England!


As we were part of the tour we travelled round so easily and it gave us a brilliant chance to see all the wonderful and beautiful temples of Bali! We went to so many and learnt so much about the culture, not only this but having a tour guide meant we were able to ask questions and he could tell us facts. I was so interesting finding out about the culture of this beautiful island.

Monkey forestĀ 

The monkey forest was so cool! I mean around Bali there are quite a lot of monkeys anyway, but in this forest there were hundreds and you could feed them and have pictures with them. It was much nicer seeing them be able to run around an live in such a beautiful forest. I was a little scared at first as when you first walk in they are everywhere and I mean everywhere and when you have food they just jump all over you!

Volcano trekĀ 

This was INCREDIBLE! This is something I would never have done if I wasn’t on the tour. We had the chance to trek up an active volcano in the early hours of the morning to watch the sunset come up and it was so beautiful. I have to admit though, it was such hard work! We literally had to climb up rocks at one point and be so careful not to fall!


One night we had the amazing opportunity to stay in the most amazing villa I have ever seen as part of our tour!

It was so beautiful and we got two nights where we had food prepared for us and a fire pits and pints for the evenings! I had a such a lovely time here and the location was beautiful, being able to see so much from the pool! This was my favourite accommodation and would be another massive reason I would recommend a tour to anyone!

Night outs!Ā 

We also got to experience the nights out on Gilli T, which were so much fun! the bars and restaurants so were good and so cheap! One of my favourites was a bar that was completely filled with beer pong tables! This really got everyone in the party mood and the first night really broke the ice!

Before we headed to Gilli T we had one of our first nights out in Kuta at this crazy club called Skygarden, where everyone just let loose!!


When we moved onto Gilli we had all become a lot closer so the nights out we went on were so much fun! I literally loved my group!


I have definitely got the travel bug now and me and my friend are already thinking about where to next! We think we want to do a tour again because the experience we had was so much fun and we want to keep going!

Meeting new people and experiencing a new place, what more could you want! Get me out there!

An amazing experience I would recommend to anyone! Can’t wait to go on my next adventure and continue making memories!


Thank you for an amazing experience I will never forget….


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