Last night I was lucky enough to go with the Southampton bloggers to see Wonderland at The Mayflower Theatre! 

This new show has just come to Southampton and explores an older Alice, her daughter and her love interest neighbour falling into wonderland. Initially the story is set in modern day and Alice’s life seems to be going in all the wrong directions. She’s divorced, fired and feeling ultimately lost. 

I am familiar with the classic Disney story of Alice in Wonderland, but this was a new twist on the classic and it took me by surprise! 

Although the story differed from the one I knew it was a great experience and the new story kept me guessing. 

The set and the costumes were my two favourite things about this show, and definitely a reason alone to see this show! 

The stage was just alive with colour and the slickness of the set was really impressive! From the looking glass to the mad hatters tea table, everything was really thought through and brought the stage to life! 

The performers costumes were the perfect suggestion to the animals and a great modern day twist! My favourite had to be the Mad Hatter! Originally played by a man in the film but in this case was a woman, and it worked so well! She was in a big hat, peplum shirt and fab purple leggings! She was so sassy and her voice was just incredible! 

After touring in America, the show has come over to England and is the perfect show to see with the family! Especially over the Easter break! 

The Queen of Hearts (a classic character) was played by Cilla Battersby-Brown, who was a Coronation Street star! She was just fabulous! What a voice and the chatacteristics were spot on for the character. I love subtle traits for characters on stage as it makes each person up there an individual! The Queen of Hearts would have a jam tart every time she was on stage, and would announce herself eating it! It was really funny and a lovely little extra which really added to her character!

We had an excellent evening as always at the Mayflower in Southampton and if you are a big Alice fan I would certainly recommend! The show is in Southampton from 18th to the 22nd April so make sure you grab your tickets soon!!! 

Grace x

Billy Elliot! @Mayflower Southampton 

Yay! Billy Elliot! Go Billy go! 

I have wanted to see this musical forever! As you know by now I am a massive musical geek, I just can’t get enough! I’ve been in them, gone to see them and now I’m writing about them!

Billy Elliot has been one of my must see’s for a long time and I finally had the chance to go with the Southampton Bloggers! 

 After seeing the film when I was younger I was so excited to see the way they expressed this on stage! (Which was spot on by the way) 

Omg omg omg is all I can say right now! I saw the show last night and I cannot get out of my head how amazing it was! 

This has got to be one of the best shows I have seen, for me it is now one of my favourites! I cannot stress how much you should see this show if  you can, it was incredible! 

Let’s start with the song and dance numbers…

The songs are still in my head! They were really fun and thy created this amazing atmosphere with the ensemble. 

As a lot of the cast were young I was so impressed with the way they could move and their pure talent on stage! From young to old on that stage last night was perfection! They way they created transitions on stage from scenes and songs was honestly beautiful! One of my favourite moment was the grandmas song about her husband. As she sung there was a group of male dancers that moved across the stage from one side to the other. The moments they created were stunning and created this real moment on the stage. Truly stunning. 

Now time for the real talent! This young lad who played Billy last night was breathtaking! The talent of this young lad was astonishing I honestly couldn’t believe it! It was only his third venue and I could not believe my eyes! Seriously watch out for this one as that is a talent that is going so many places! 

Not only was he adorable when we acted but the skill of his dancing was gorgeous! He really showed off his skills in a wonderful scene where him and his older self danced together, it gave my goose bumps and I 100% cried! ( as I did through  most of the show!) 

They danced together in such sync it really seemed like the same person! The skill and practice they had put into this beautiful scene was so beautiful! 

All I can say is I wish I was a ballet dancer and I’m 100% signing up my future kids for lessons! 

The thing about this show is that it really strikes a cord with the audience! I laughed and cried and didn’t want the how to end! If you ask me 3 hours was not long enough! The show rounded up with a standing ovation from the audience, which was the least they deserved! I just wish I had roses to throw! I will be thinking about this show for a long time! 

There was really something for everyone in this show! The crude nature and comedy was something I loved and they had the perfect amount! 

I cannot praise this show enough! The cast and crew should be immensely proud as they created somethin truly magical I cannot wait to watch again! 

Go and see this if you can! I had such an amazing time thank you so much to the Mayflower Southampton! 

Robin Hood Panto! @ The Mayflower Southampton 

I got to attend the fabulous Robin Hood panto Tuesday 20th of December as the Sotonbloggers were gifted the tickets to be apart of the press evening. 

I have to start with  saying thank you to Sotonbloggers and the Mayflower Theatre because I had a great evening! 

I haven’t seen a pantomime in years, not since I was a little girl. I couldn’t really remember what to expect, but I knew to expect comedy, silliness and basically a fab night! 

There was so many aspects in this panto I could not be more impressed. The costumes and choreography were amazing as always when I see any show at the Mayflower. The colours and pop of the stage was entertainment in it’s self they must have had  fab stage and costume designers! The cast were so impressive being not only dancers but they had characters that were acrobats and magicians! 

The merry men were tumbling and flipping all over the place, it was intense and exciting and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage! I loved they way they gave the supporting characters extra, the tumbling and Merlin being an actual magician! When the character Merlin would come on stage he would perform little tricks varying from fire tricks and even using doves! It was such a good touch have the wizard perform actual magic tricks! 

Shane Richie as Robin Hood was great! He played the character well but what was more entertaining was the adlib and he ability to have fun on stage! The point of a panto is for it to be silly, fun and for things to just go wrong! Kids love it and that’s who these shows are really for! I mean there was a TRex on stage at one point, but who cares the kids were going crazy! There was a dinosaur on stage! 

His corpsing on stage is normally something that would be awful but in a panto the more fun they’re having on stage the more fun the audience are having! Shane really knew how to play the crowd and even his fellow performers, I was just laughing the whole way through! 

The two made a great pair and there relationship from working together for years came across so well on stage. They were having a great time and so were we! 

Involvement of the audience isn’t usually something I am too keen on, but in a panto it’s what’s it’s all about and everyone really got involved! They kids were yelling but to be honest I think the adults were giving it just as much as them! Just laugh after laugh and a real family buzz to the whole thing! 

Another element they threw in which I haven’t never seen in let alone a Panto but a big stage show like this, was a 3D section, yes 3D! 

When we went in we were given glasses and told we would be given an indication when to put them on. After the interval a screen came down and Robin explained to put the glasses on as we were about to enter the ‘Enchanted Forest’. We all put our glasses on an enjoyed the 3D adventure! Everyone was screaming and laughing and it was an excellent element to add to the show! I’ve never seen anything like it and it was brilliant! 

All I can say is if you can get tickets to this wonderful performance do it! And if you already have tickets I am very jealous as I want to see it all over again! 

What a night of laughter and enjoyment! Hearing kids laugh and there parents too, as there was something for all to keep everyone engaged! You just don’t notice the stuff for the adults when you are a kid but it’s hilarious! 

In traditional panto theme at the end they had some kids come on stage with Shane, who was great at talking with them and making the audience laugh! It was so adorable and funny! 

I would highly recommend this show to families and even friends it was a great night and I am so grateful I got to see this wonderful show! 

The Mayflower Southampton never disappoints and I am very lucky to have a wonderful theatre with brilliant shows so close by! Go on and see a show!! 

Wind in the Willows!! @ Mayflower Southampton 

Mayflower Southampton production of Wind in the Willows!!! 

My first blogging event! 

This is my first blogging event and it could not be more up my street! I mean come on, drama graduate over here going to a theatre show!! Come on!! I went to the Mayfower Southampton with the Southampton bloggers to see Wind in the Willows and had such a good time! 

Thoughts coming up to the show:

I could remember watching Wind in the Willows when I was little but I couldn’t really remember the story. I knew it was about animals and the two character that stuck out in my head was the Badger and Mr Toad. 

Before heading to the show the main thing I was thinking about was the way they would do the production and make it believable. I mean the whole thing is based around animals and I was curious to see the way they would represent that.

I really didn’t know what to expect but I love musicals so I knew I would love it either way!! 

I walked in and there was already a great atomphere in the way the Mayflower staff were ready and waiting  and there was info and merchandise available everywhere! They gave us the programme to have a look over and the rehearsals pictures were really good! It really got me exited looking through the photos and watching all the audience begin to turn up! 

We walked in and got our amazing seats which had a fantastic view, I mean fantastic! I sat down and got so exited seeing the band and the curtain, just wanted it to start! 

After the show:

This show was the epitome of fun! 

First thing I would have to say is that this is a must see for families! The songs and story are so much fun and it is just a feel good show! The story is family friendly and kids would definitely fall in love with the characters like I did. 

The songs are perfect to sing along too and just get stuck in your head. The characters were just great fun too, especially Rufus Hound who played Mr Toad so well, very funny! This production is full of laughs and is thoroughly enjoyable. 

The show really involved the audience by opening it up in various ways. Some of the show allowed for the cast come Intro the audience with torches! It was just really funny and exciting having it involve us like that. 

I came out of the show feeling really happy as it is just a feel good classic kind of musical that just makes you leave feeling happy. 

The moving set for the show is really impressive, changing from the river bank to the woods to Mr Toads mansion so seemlessly! I have to give it to the set design! You really become submersed in the world they managed to create on stage and by the end you were really believing in these characters and their story. 
The costumes were perfect! Each character were dressed as humans but is a characteristic of there outfit to their animal, like Mr Toad in a green suit. 

My favourite costume was the one of the weasels! The weasels where dressed and gangsters and came with a sneaky sleazy quality. 

He had ears on his hat and a tail but the majority of his costume was based more around the stereotypical traits of a weasel, or what you think a person who is referred to a weasel would be like. 

He was great and threw himself into the character! 
I honestly had so much fun at this show and would highly recommend! Family friendly and great fun it would make a great evening out! You will come home laughing and feeling good as this performance really ends on a high! 

At the moment the show is on trail but if it comes to a city near you make sure to head over! It was so much fun and made a lovely evening! 

I really enjoyed myself because the cast was and the audience! It was a great atmosphere and just put a smile on everyone’s face! 

I would definitely see it again and it was so lovely throwing back to the Wind in the Willows but in such a fun and immersive way! 

What a great night! The Mayflower was great as always and the show was so much fun! I would say a must see! 🌸