Titanic: The Musical

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“In the final hour of 14th April 1912, the RMS Titanic, on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, collided with an iceberg and ‘the unsinkable ship’ slowly sank. It was one of the most tragic and infamous disasters of the 20th Century. 1517 men, women and children lost their lives.” https://www.mayflower.org.uk/whats-on/titanic-the-musical-2018/

On Tuesday 17th April I went along to one of my favorite places in Southampton, The Mayflower theater with the Southampton Bloggers to see Titanic The Musical.

Obviously, most people have heard the story of the Titanic or seen the movie, so to hear it is now a musical might be a bit of a surprise. When I initially heard it was, I was a little confused as to how they could convey something like that on stage, let alone as a musical performance. I went in with a very open mind and was excited to see how this would be done and what story they would be focusing on, on first thought I assumed the Jack and Rose story line.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out the story was not the movie adaptation, which meant for me it was something new to experience. They focused on three stories of passengers, one from each class: 1st, 2nd and 3rd and honed in on the owner, captain and builder as to where the blame lied.

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One of the most powerful parts for me, was after they represented the fatal collision with the iceberg was the aftermath of panic and blame between 3 of the most powerful characters. Throughout the first half, they really focused on the fact the owner wanted to go faster and the builder and captain going along with it- in order to impress. The focus was ensuring they were making history and that the 1st class passengers were having the experience of a lifetime, of course this ultimately neglecting everyone’s safety.

They were able to show all the characters as individuals and how it effected them on a wider scale. For me, this allowed me to connect as an audience member and see them as real life people, certainly cranked up the emotion.

lifeboat cast.jpeg

Throughout, you really connected with each of these peoples stories so when the inevitable happen it was quite hard to sit and watch. They approached the crash and loss of lives in a very sensitive but powerful way- especially the end.

It reminded you that this was real and it there was real people involved. The surviving characters delivered some hard hitting lines a the end with a memorial board on stage.


I cannot recommend this show enough, it is a new way to see such a famous story and it makes your see it in a completely new light.

“A triumph. The day after seeing it I went back. It’s That Good.” The Times




Southampton Grosvenor Casino

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I got to go along to the Grosvenor Casino in Southampton with the Southampton Bloggers, to try out their new restaurant menu, and even tried my hand at some gambling!

They invited us along to try out their great new menu, and I must admit I was unsure of what to expect. When I think of casino’s my mind doesn’t go straight to food, but I was presently surprised.  I have always known about the Grosvenor, growing up in Southampton and it was always somewhere to end your night, so the though of going there for food was really intriguing.

When we got there we were greeted and treated to cocktail from the bar (which were flowing all evening but unfortunately I was driving so had to stick to Coke) and then were led through to the restaurant.

The food was honestly amazing and not only that but the staff was very accommodating. What I opted for:

Starter- BBQ chicken wings

Main- Ribeye stake

Dessert- Hot chocolate waffles

Firstly the menu was so big I couldn’t make my mind up, but eventually I decided on what I had. Everything was so tasty and well cooked, I could not have expected how good it was! My favorite thing from the evening had to be the waffles as they were incredible! I am a sucker for anything chocolate and these were right up my street, I would go back just for them alone!

After all the food and being close to bursting, we were taken through to our own roulette table with a lovely gentleman called Paul. He set us up with a practice table and chips, so we got the chance to learn about the game and an opportunity to play a few rounds. I had so much fun and was surprisingly lucky (I guarantee if it was real cash, it would not have gone so much in my favor!) unnamed (2)

After Roulette we moved onto Black Jack! I thought I knew a little about the two games but having someone there to teach and go through it made me realize how little I did! Paul was so helpful and made the evening really entertaining, going through all the rules and even letting us have a go with the wheel and shuffling the cards (not quite so well as him)

unnamed (1)

The whole evening was really well thought through and gave us not only a feel of the great food, but the whole casino experience. I loved having the opportunity to be taught some of the gambling as I am heading to America in July and Vegas is a stop- I now feel confident going in and not like a total novice! They really took the time to give us a really fun and interesting evening.

unnamed (4)

I really enjoyed myself and I would 100% recommend an evening here. If you are looking for a bit of fun, gambling and fabulous food this is definitely the place for you to head too!

Grace x

Lakaz Maman’s

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I went to the new Lakaz Maman restaurant in Southampton Bedford Place with the wonderful Southampton Bloggers. The food is all Mauritian street food with a modern twist, and opened by the lovely Shelina Permalloo won BBC’s Master Chef in 2012.

We went in and had the opportunity to try out there brunch menu, which is full of different and unique dishes.

On the left is cinnamon toast with coconut & tropical fruits and the right is the Breakfast Torpedo (what I had and tried some of the toast) The breakfast torpedo included: Turkey bacon, chicken sausages, Mauritian salsa,
breakfast muffin and a fried egg

The food is nothing like I have ever tried before and the staff were amazing with serving and answering any of our questions. Shelina, spoke to us all about her vision for the restaurant and a bit of background heritage of Mauritius.

“Lakaz Maman is a Mauritian Creole word for ‘Mum’s House’ and the food you’ll find here is relaxed, informal street food you can get messy with.”

I really enjoyed going to this new restaurant and really experiencing not only the amazing food but getting a real feel for what it was all about and the culture itself.

Shelina, also spoke with us about the other work and cooking she does. We had a look over her incredible recipes and cook books she currently has out.

The whole morning was great and I am really looking forward to going back to try some more of the menu in a stylish and relaxed environment! If you get a chance, make sure to head down there and give it a try! You won’t regret it!

Lakaz Maman, 22 Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DB


Grace xx

Vosper’s Brunch

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BRUNCH! I love a good brunch, and a few weeks ago I joined the Southampton Blogger’s at Vosper’s in Woolston to try out there new menu.

From muffins to pancakes and coffees to mimosa’s we had a lovely morning at Vospers and definitely filled up our tummies!

I have been down there before and tried out there fab burgers and when they said they were introducing a brunch menu it was an offer I could not turn down. I had the breakfast muffin, which had two sausage patties, bacon, egg and black pudding (I had mine without that)


All I can say is that it was delicious! Honestly one of the best breakfast muffins and let me tell you, I’ve tried my fair few!

I few of the girls went for the pancakes and they looked incredible!

If you are looking for a tasty brunch then I would really recommend getting down to Century Quay in Woolston for Vospers great new menu. It has a real range of things, especially just for a mid morning bite, so there really is someone for everyone. They use Mettricks blend of coffee which is just an added bonus as it is my favourite coffee! If you still haven’t tried it, then where have you been?!

It was a great morning spent with some great people! The service was fab as normal, so if you are after a new brunch spot then 100% give it a go!


Grace xx

Sunset Boulevard, Mayflower Southampton

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To paraphrase the most famous line in Sunset Boulevard, it’s not that the show has got smaller, it’s the performance that has got bigger.


I got the opportunity to accompany The Bright Eye blog to see the West End hit Sunset Boulevard at the Mayflower, Southampton.

As you know I am a theatre lover, so I literally jumped at the offer to join her to see this critically acclaimed musical!

The musical is based on the film, about a fallen silent movie start called Norma Desmond. Following the story a struggling writer stubbled into her lavish life and falls victim to the wonders of comfortable living. This is despite the twisted love that Norma develops for him and ultimately leads to his demise.

I didn’t know what to expect going into this musical, from never seeing the movie adaptation, only knowing the musical was one of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Just from that alone, I had quite high hopes!

Overall I really enjoyed the show, from the dance numbers to delving into a darker storyline. It was the first musical I have seen where there is a much more serious underling theme. The entire show was pretty much all sung, which is so impressive alone, but being able to convey the varying emotions through movement and song was on a another level.

The characters really held their own and really made the show for me! I found that Ria Jones, who played Norma Desmend, was extraordinary! Her voice was so powerful, but really portrayed the fallen star to complete breakdown story and gripped me from the word go!

I would really recommend seeing this show, if you are interested in something different with a captivating and twisted story. The show is running at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton from 16th to 20th January 2018.

★★★★★ “Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical is a glorious, thrill a minute triumph” Daily Telegraph

★★★★★★★ “Musical theatre gold” Edinburgh Evening News





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A few weeks ago I went along to Supermarine in Woolston with the Southampton bloggers. We had an evening of pizza making, wine and laughter and it was a really great evening!

They were fabulous hosts for us and we go to try so much of the menu, which I was so excited about as there was so much I hadn’t had before.

We all had a great start to the evening sitting around, chatting and experiencing the great atmosphere that is created in this restaurant.


Not only were they nice enough to let us taste all this incredible food but they let us have a go at making our own pizzas in their massive pizza oven!

The kitchen is all open in the restaurant so you can see your food being prepared and made and they let us have a close up look and try our hand at making a traditional pizza from their menu

I have to say I was not the best at making pizza but I gave it a real go and you cannot fault how helpful and fun the chef’s were. They were nice enough to help all the girls who wanted to have a go, made a different pizza for each of us and were so patient with those us who weren’t that natural! (me!)


I had such a fabulous evening and I cannot wait to go back and try that menu all over again! I have already been talking to all my friends and I cannot recommend this place enough.

Get down there!

x Grace x

Tanstic Tesco!

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I always forget what little hidden gems that Tesco comes up with in their clothing range! I popped in the other night and decided to have a look upstairs at their autumn range at F&F.

Well I can safely say they did not disappoint…

I basically fell in love with these three jackets!

They are so on trend, lush colors, and so affordable! I really think that Tesco is an underdog when it come to fashion, it has got so modern in the last few years and I can’t wait to go back and get some of their autumn pieces.

I am especially a fan of the denim jacket, it is right up my street and I feel the fur collar makes  it a more unique piece while still being up to date.

This was just a little post, but I would highly recommend having a look in your local Tesco as I think its a great place for a cheeky bargain!