What’s the all hype?! Hismile teeth whitening 

So the Instagram sensation hismile is what everyone is talking about so I thought I would give it ago! 

So the package came and I must say my first impressions were very good! The box was presented lovely and everything was so neat and ready to use! 

It came with a clear instiction booklet that explained really well everything that you needed to do for your home whitening. 

When opening the box I looked straight at the booklet just to see if it really was as easy as everyone has been saying and this is what it looked like…

Literally a step by step guide with pictures, which is super helpful as I’m defiantly a picture person! Not only did it tell you how to use the product but at the bottom it gives you tips for the best results. 

I don’t know why but from seeing pictures and video I thought the mouth guard you placed in your mouth was a hard plastic, but it isn’t its actually a soft silicone. This made it so much easier to have in my mouth and a lot more comfy! 

So I attached the mouth guard to the LED lamp,applied a quarter of the syringe to the top and bottom sections and popped it in my mouth. 

I had a little wiggly around to make sure the gel was all on my teeth, bit down  (as one of the tips suggested) and turned on the light. The one thing I loved about the light is is times ten minutes for you at automatically turns itself off! This meant I could get some other stuff done, like tidying my room or finishing my makeup off. 

It made everything so easy and I could really tell a difference even after the first use! It says to use it consecutively for the best results and I’ve only used one gel so far and I think it’s working really well! 

It suggested staying away from staining foods and drinks straight before and after use just to make it take a little better. 

The only small issue I had was that my jaw did ache a little bit I was clamping down the whole time, which I’m sure you don’t have to do! 

My overall option after a few goes, is that the product is really making a difference. I don’t know how long this will last as I am still using it but at the moment I am a very happy bunny 🙂 

The Real Greek, Southampton 😍

Tonight I headed to The Real Greek Southampton with the Sotonbloggers! 

The Real Greek is based in the new Watermark in Southampton and I have to say it was INCREDIBLE

I have never had Greek food before as I am, I have to say a picky eater but to get I pushed the boundaries! We got to try such a variety of dishes this evening and I really enjoyed every one, got me wanting to try even more new cuisines!

Before we decided what we wanted to eat we also got to have some of there delicious cocktails! I decided to have a Bellini and it was so tasty! The bar looked really fancy and the options for the cocktails all seemed really nice and were actually set at a really responsible price. 

They were presented so well and came to us super quick! The cocktails we had were so yummy and I could have definitely had more! 

Then we moved onto food and the way it’s done is so good! It is almost presented like tapas, lots of little dishes and it meant we got to try lots of new things! 

They brought out all the dishes in these lovely trays which meant we could share out all the differnt foods and try some of the delicious Greek cuisine. When looking at the size of the dishes, you would only need about 2 or 3 too fill yourself up and at the prices it would be a pretty cheap night! The dishes were about £5 to £6 pound so a couple would be your average price for an entire meal, and they really do fill you up! I was stuffed! 

Now onto the thing I was especially please with this evening and it was the service! If you not only want to try great food but want to receive excellent customer service this is the place to go! 

Our waitress was so attentive really making sure we had everything we needed and were enjoying our food. As we were all pretty new to trying Greek food she gave us some great recommendations and wanted to give us the real Greek food experience!

After our mains the waitress offered some desserts and gave us her recommendations 

We let her choice for us and she brought out the most delicious options! 

My favourite was the chocolate moose cake, it was so rich and chocolatey I was in heaven!! 

She also brought us out a toffee cheesecake, apple and cinnamon pie and a Greek Walnut yogurt. I really liked giving these ago and having the opportunity to try these lush desserts! 

I couldn’t of been happier with the atmosphere, service and the restaurants appearance! If you are looking for brilliant food and service I would highly recommend heading to The Real Greek Southampton! 

Hope you enjoy this read! 🙂 

Bali Belly! First Travel Blog!

Bali Belly! First Travel Blog!


In September I was lucky enough to travel in and around Bali, Indonesia with one of my closet friends and it was one of the best experiences of my life!

I have been quite a few places in my life and am very lucky to have done so, varying from Spain to America to Morocco. All of these places I have been have been amazing but I have never really had the chance to properly travel and explore a country, which is something I have always wanted to do!

Now I didn’t know the half of what to do when it came to actually travelling round somewhere, especially on my own! So first of all, because I didn’t really fancy going alone as I the thought was a little daunting to me, I decided to go with my friend from university who was also looking to travel. Secondly, we decided to go with a company with an organised tour, so we could be safe and have everything organised and sorted for us! Which I think is an excellent idea for first time travellers!

Now to start I have to say an organised tour was the best choice we made! We met the most amazing group of people and it added so much to the experience for me!


There was such a variety of people from different places! New York, Canada, Boston, China and various places across the UK, it was just so much fun having the chance to meet these genuinely wonderful people!

I loved being apart of a tour, now I know it isn’t for everyone, but we didn’t have to worry about anything as it was all prearranged! We could just turn up and see and experience this gorgeous place without a care in the world, and the experiences we got were incredible!


  • Following wild dolphins
  • learning how to surf from local surf guru’s
  • Temples
  • Monkey Forest, feeding wild monkeys
  • Travelling to the top of a active volcano at 3am to watch the sun rise over Bali

These were some of my favourite experiences over the trip and memories I will never forget!


This boat trip was honestly incredible (as I am going to say about pretty much everything). We got on boats and headed out with the locals to follow wild dolphins in the sea. Can I also mention now, this is much a better way to see them rather than seeing them in captivity, as you really see them living the way they SHOULD be living! We followed the dolphins around and because of the clear waters, when they weren’t popping up we could see them swimming below. We cold sit on the polls either side of the boats for a better view and we really got up close to these beautiful families of  dolphins. It is something I never thought I would be able to experience and it is something I will never forget!


The surfing lesson was so much fun! I had never done it before and doing it in the warm Balinese sea made it even better. We were taught everything we needed to know and the guys on the beach teaching us were so helpful and pretty much got us all up and surfing. I fell off so many times when I started but with persistence I mange to stand up quite a bit! We enjoyed this so much that when the tour was over, the few of us staying for a couple of extra days, heading back with our tour leader who hung out with us for a while to have another go! I can safely say I am a surf girl! Maybe a bit different if I try it in the freezing waters if England!


As we were part of the tour we travelled round so easily and it gave us a brilliant chance to see all the wonderful and beautiful temples of Bali! We went to so many and learnt so much about the culture, not only this but having a tour guide meant we were able to ask questions and he could tell us facts. I was so interesting finding out about the culture of this beautiful island.

Monkey forest 

The monkey forest was so cool! I mean around Bali there are quite a lot of monkeys anyway, but in this forest there were hundreds and you could feed them and have pictures with them. It was much nicer seeing them be able to run around an live in such a beautiful forest. I was a little scared at first as when you first walk in they are everywhere and I mean everywhere and when you have food they just jump all over you!

Volcano trek 

This was INCREDIBLE! This is something I would never have done if I wasn’t on the tour. We had the chance to trek up an active volcano in the early hours of the morning to watch the sunset come up and it was so beautiful. I have to admit though, it was such hard work! We literally had to climb up rocks at one point and be so careful not to fall!


One night we had the amazing opportunity to stay in the most amazing villa I have ever seen as part of our tour!

It was so beautiful and we got two nights where we had food prepared for us and a fire pits and pints for the evenings! I had a such a lovely time here and the location was beautiful, being able to see so much from the pool! This was my favourite accommodation and would be another massive reason I would recommend a tour to anyone!

Night outs! 

We also got to experience the nights out on Gilli T, which were so much fun! the bars and restaurants so were good and so cheap! One of my favourites was a bar that was completely filled with beer pong tables! This really got everyone in the party mood and the first night really broke the ice!

Before we headed to Gilli T we had one of our first nights out in Kuta at this crazy club called Skygarden, where everyone just let loose!!


When we moved onto Gilli we had all become a lot closer so the nights out we went on were so much fun! I literally loved my group!


I have definitely got the travel bug now and me and my friend are already thinking about where to next! We think we want to do a tour again because the experience we had was so much fun and we want to keep going!

Meeting new people and experiencing a new place, what more could you want! Get me out there!

An amazing experience I would recommend to anyone! Can’t wait to go on my next adventure and continue making memories!


Thank you for an amazing experience I will never forget….

Robin Hood Panto! @ The Mayflower Southampton 

I got to attend the fabulous Robin Hood panto Tuesday 20th of December as the Sotonbloggers were gifted the tickets to be apart of the press evening. 

I have to start with  saying thank you to Sotonbloggers and the Mayflower Theatre because I had a great evening! 

I haven’t seen a pantomime in years, not since I was a little girl. I couldn’t really remember what to expect, but I knew to expect comedy, silliness and basically a fab night! 

There was so many aspects in this panto I could not be more impressed. The costumes and choreography were amazing as always when I see any show at the Mayflower. The colours and pop of the stage was entertainment in it’s self they must have had  fab stage and costume designers! The cast were so impressive being not only dancers but they had characters that were acrobats and magicians! 

The merry men were tumbling and flipping all over the place, it was intense and exciting and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage! I loved they way they gave the supporting characters extra, the tumbling and Merlin being an actual magician! When the character Merlin would come on stage he would perform little tricks varying from fire tricks and even using doves! It was such a good touch have the wizard perform actual magic tricks! 

Shane Richie as Robin Hood was great! He played the character well but what was more entertaining was the adlib and he ability to have fun on stage! The point of a panto is for it to be silly, fun and for things to just go wrong! Kids love it and that’s who these shows are really for! I mean there was a TRex on stage at one point, but who cares the kids were going crazy! There was a dinosaur on stage! 

His corpsing on stage is normally something that would be awful but in a panto the more fun they’re having on stage the more fun the audience are having! Shane really knew how to play the crowd and even his fellow performers, I was just laughing the whole way through! 

The two made a great pair and there relationship from working together for years came across so well on stage. They were having a great time and so were we! 

Involvement of the audience isn’t usually something I am too keen on, but in a panto it’s what’s it’s all about and everyone really got involved! They kids were yelling but to be honest I think the adults were giving it just as much as them! Just laugh after laugh and a real family buzz to the whole thing! 

Another element they threw in which I haven’t never seen in let alone a Panto but a big stage show like this, was a 3D section, yes 3D! 

When we went in we were given glasses and told we would be given an indication when to put them on. After the interval a screen came down and Robin explained to put the glasses on as we were about to enter the ‘Enchanted Forest’. We all put our glasses on an enjoyed the 3D adventure! Everyone was screaming and laughing and it was an excellent element to add to the show! I’ve never seen anything like it and it was brilliant! 

All I can say is if you can get tickets to this wonderful performance do it! And if you already have tickets I am very jealous as I want to see it all over again! 

What a night of laughter and enjoyment! Hearing kids laugh and there parents too, as there was something for all to keep everyone engaged! You just don’t notice the stuff for the adults when you are a kid but it’s hilarious! 

In traditional panto theme at the end they had some kids come on stage with Shane, who was great at talking with them and making the audience laugh! It was so adorable and funny! 

I would highly recommend this show to families and even friends it was a great night and I am so grateful I got to see this wonderful show! 

The Mayflower Southampton never disappoints and I am very lucky to have a wonderful theatre with brilliant shows so close by! Go on and see a show!! 

December Birch Box 🎁🌸

So my December Birch Box came the other day and I can’t wait to show off all the lovely little goodies in this gorgeous box! 


  • Wonder balm: Hair 
  • Eyelighter 
  • Star skin eye masks 
  • Eyeliner 
  • Benefit Pore Professional 

I was so happy with this months products as I was in desperate need of an eye line and I just love the pore professinal by Benefit! I was really excited to have a look at the other wonderful bits to try out too! 

The hair balm was something I hadn’t tried before as I find as my hair is thin, too much product makes it very heavy.

I think this product would be perfect for thicker hair as it makes styling a lot easier and is nice and good for you hair! I found that just a little in my roots to tips was enough for my hair as it’s quite fine. When I used quite a bit I was really aware of the product in my hair when I dried it which isn’t very nice, just watch how much you put in to how much hair you have and the thickness! 

When I tired it with a little I actually did find styling it easier, it definitely have my hair more texture! 

Now I always fill in my eye brows and as they are so dark I am always looking for a good highlighter to brighten up the arch of my brow.

This stuff is a god send! I love it! It is so easy to apply with a small crayon like applicator that you just twist for more. I applies nice and softly and enables you to use you finger just to blend it in. It really helped define the arch and 100% brightened my eye look! 

This eye liner was actually really nice. The only thing is I normall use the Collection brand which is like £4 and is very very similar. 

This branch is a retail price of £15 which is a big step for something so similar to my usual brand. I really liked the way the eye liner applied but right now I would stick with the cheaper option. The bide thing is this would make a lovely little stocking filler as it’s a little more of a treat and something really nice 🙂 

Now I love an eye mask, I usually bulk buy on eBay for the jelly ones but I had heard of this brand so was eager to give it a try! 

They are so refreshing and cool to put on the skin, not only this you get a few in a pack!  

Although they were really nice I found that as they were fabric they stated to harden and would sit quite right. I do have quite a small face so maybe that was the issue but I found them quite big! Apart from the size they were lovely and cooling and I’ll give them a few more goes to see if they make a difference. 

Saving the best for last!! 

I bloody love this! One of my favourite things to prime my skin and I am so happy this was included! 

I am really impressed with the size that was included. The great thing about this product is that you only need the tiniest dot to cover the areas you need! It makes you pores so smooth and makes the applicaton of make up supper smooth!  If anything I would say get this box just for this product! 

Overall I was so happy with the products in this month Box and was very happy to try all these out!  Very happy bunny once again! Thank Birch Box! 💜

Cue Camera Southampton! 📸


Listen up! This was literally so much fun and so much fun! 

Popped up outside of the Southampton Guildhall is the Cue Camera booth, for photos and Christmas cheer! They have two photo booths and so many costumes to choose from! 

You can dress up with your friends and family and have and evening or day of fun! 

I have to say the costumes they have were such good quality! You had the large novelty ones and then full costumes like santa, eleven and reindeer all the way to the tights! Honestly I had an idea of what the event may have been like but I could not have excepted how much of a pure laugh it was! 

When we got in, I didn’t know what to think. When people started to get dressed and we saw the quality of the outfits we could not stop laughing and just wanting to try more on! They let us try as many as we wanted and we were in and out of the booths as new characters the whole evening! 

If you are looking for something fun to do with friends, family or even a works do, I could not recommend this more! 

It was just Christmas cheese at it’s finest! I mean look at us!! 🌲

I have to give a shout out to the staff who were working. They were so happy and chatty, helping people with costumes and making sure everyone was smiling! 

The photographers were taking loads of pictures, suggesting poses and ensuring everyone was having fun and getting stuck in! They were so prepared and clued up on what they were doing and all so willing to help us and make sure we have a ball! 

What an evening! I honesty could not praise it anymore! What a great idea and what great Christmas fun! 


  • The booth opens Thursday 8th and is there right through to New Years Eve! 
  • Open everyday 10am to 10pm (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day) 
  •  Cue Camera is the brainchild of Brad Hunter! 
  • Have a shoot with family and friends from as little as £15! 
  • Book online or pop in! 
  • Cue Camera Is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

Get your butts down there Sotoners! 

Don’t forget to follow me too for updates on posts on Instagram and Twitter! @beautybrownblog 

November’s BirchBox 😍🌸

My first Birch Box came! I am so excited to start a monthly review of the box with all the lovely little samples!  
Know I know this review is mega mega late but my gosh what a busy month it’s been, especially building up to Christmas! 

So the box included: 

  • BB cream 
  • Face oil 
  • Lip primer 
  • Moisturiser 
  • Wet hair brush 

Now I will pop all the names on my twitter or have a look on the BirchBox shop to grab the products! 

As this was my first box I was so pleased with the way it was presented, the box was so cool! I love the stylish nature around it, not only do you get the products but the gorgeous boxes are 100% keepers! 


My 2 favourites in the box this month has to be the lip primer and the wet hair brush! 

I have never used a lip primer before but I and so going to start using them! I really struggle with dry lips and when I wear Matte lipstick (which are my go to style) it just doesn’t have that smooth effect I want. With this lip primer it just gets you lips all ready and smooth to apply the lip colour. Not only this but it says it helps keep on the product for longer, and it actually does! Very happy bunny right now! 

I also really liked the Wet hair brush! It fits perfectly in you handbag which is perfect this month with all this windy weather! The brush is so soft against your scalp and doesn’t irritate at all! Perfect little travel hairbrush! Would really recommend this product.
The BB cream is something I have never tried before. I have heard so much about these creams but always worried it wouldn’t be enough coverage for me to wear on it’s own. When I had a day at home I needed to pop to the shop so I thought it was the perfect time to use this cream as I didn’t need a full face of make up. Surprising it covers quite well on its own! I had a couple of blemished and it almost blurred them, not completely hid them but certainly did enough for what I needed! I would 100% buy some BB cream now as it felt great on my skin and still gave me that little bit of coverage I wanted! 

The oil and the moisturiser I have used a couple of times together. I haven’t used face oil before, but I suggests using a small amount before applying moisturiser. I moisturise every morning and like that fresh feeling and I felt the oil almost took that away. It want heavy but I just felt a lot of product on my face, especially as I found this moisturise quite thick. It was still nice but I love my Niva moisturiser I always use and as for the oil I think I will have to keep using it just to see if it is worth it! 
Again sorry this was so late! Hope you liked this mini revie on Novembers BirchBox! I promise to be better this month!