Cue Camera Southampton! 📸

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Listen up! This was literally so much fun and so much fun! 

Popped up outside of the Southampton Guildhall is the Cue Camera booth, for photos and Christmas cheer! They have two photo booths and so many costumes to choose from! 

You can dress up with your friends and family and have and evening or day of fun! 

I have to say the costumes they have were such good quality! You had the large novelty ones and then full costumes like santa, eleven and reindeer all the way to the tights! Honestly I had an idea of what the event may have been like but I could not have excepted how much of a pure laugh it was! 

When we got in, I didn’t know what to think. When people started to get dressed and we saw the quality of the outfits we could not stop laughing and just wanting to try more on! They let us try as many as we wanted and we were in and out of the booths as new characters the whole evening! 

If you are looking for something fun to do with friends, family or even a works do, I could not recommend this more! 

It was just Christmas cheese at it’s finest! I mean look at us!! 🌲

I have to give a shout out to the staff who were working. They were so happy and chatty, helping people with costumes and making sure everyone was smiling! 

The photographers were taking loads of pictures, suggesting poses and ensuring everyone was having fun and getting stuck in! They were so prepared and clued up on what they were doing and all so willing to help us and make sure we have a ball! 

What an evening! I honesty could not praise it anymore! What a great idea and what great Christmas fun! 


  • The booth opens Thursday 8th and is there right through to New Years Eve! 
  • Open everyday 10am to 10pm (except Christmas Day and Boxing Day) 
  •  Cue Camera is the brainchild of Brad Hunter! 
  • Have a shoot with family and friends from as little as £15! 
  • Book online or pop in! 
  • Cue Camera Is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!!

Get your butts down there Sotoners! 

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November’s BirchBox 😍🌸

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My first Birch Box came! I am so excited to start a monthly review of the box with all the lovely little samples!  
Know I know this review is mega mega late but my gosh what a busy month it’s been, especially building up to Christmas! 

So the box included: 

  • BB cream 
  • Face oil 
  • Lip primer 
  • Moisturiser 
  • Wet hair brush 

Now I will pop all the names on my twitter or have a look on the BirchBox shop to grab the products! 

As this was my first box I was so pleased with the way it was presented, the box was so cool! I love the stylish nature around it, not only do you get the products but the gorgeous boxes are 100% keepers! 


My 2 favourites in the box this month has to be the lip primer and the wet hair brush! 

I have never used a lip primer before but I and so going to start using them! I really struggle with dry lips and when I wear Matte lipstick (which are my go to style) it just doesn’t have that smooth effect I want. With this lip primer it just gets you lips all ready and smooth to apply the lip colour. Not only this but it says it helps keep on the product for longer, and it actually does! Very happy bunny right now! 

I also really liked the Wet hair brush! It fits perfectly in you handbag which is perfect this month with all this windy weather! The brush is so soft against your scalp and doesn’t irritate at all! Perfect little travel hairbrush! Would really recommend this product.
The BB cream is something I have never tried before. I have heard so much about these creams but always worried it wouldn’t be enough coverage for me to wear on it’s own. When I had a day at home I needed to pop to the shop so I thought it was the perfect time to use this cream as I didn’t need a full face of make up. Surprising it covers quite well on its own! I had a couple of blemished and it almost blurred them, not completely hid them but certainly did enough for what I needed! I would 100% buy some BB cream now as it felt great on my skin and still gave me that little bit of coverage I wanted! 

The oil and the moisturiser I have used a couple of times together. I haven’t used face oil before, but I suggests using a small amount before applying moisturiser. I moisturise every morning and like that fresh feeling and I felt the oil almost took that away. It want heavy but I just felt a lot of product on my face, especially as I found this moisturise quite thick. It was still nice but I love my Niva moisturiser I always use and as for the oil I think I will have to keep using it just to see if it is worth it! 
Again sorry this was so late! Hope you liked this mini revie on Novembers BirchBox! I promise to be better this month! 

Taco Bell has come to Southampton!! 😍

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Taco Bell has made its way to the UK! At long last! Me along with the Southampton bloggers got to go to the new store to sample there menu and have a fun night! 

Now as a picky eater Mexican food can go one way or another for me so I was really intrigued to sample some foods and see what all the fuss is about!

No I have to say first of all the workers and everyone that helped set up and work the evening were just fab! There was a photo booth running, photographers and food and drink coming out of our ears! Everyone was so happy to help and tell us all we wanted to know about the Taco Bell legacy! 

The photo booth was a great added extra to the evening, excellent fun and a great way to advertise! The Taco hats were a personal favourite of mine…

The most important part! 


Now I love food as so many of us do and I was really interested in sampling the items that have taken America by storm! What is it about these little shells of goodness?!

The food was soooo good! The quesadillas were one of my favourites! There is so much choice for the fillings too! Chicken, beef, tangy, spicy, whatever you want! They kept bringing out more and more samples and every time they got a little bit better! The staff were so friendly and were working their butts off to make sure they delivered the best, which is so tough sometimes! I would know having worked in a restaurant to I have to say bravo to them!! 

I would really recommend heading over to this great chain even for a quick snack or something a bit more substantial! 

Now then… let’s take it up a notch… melted Kit Kat in a taco…

No hear me out because I wasn’t sure at first either! But my gosh they were to die for! 

Such a simple idea but so yummy! Now I like my chocolate and I was not sure about putting that in a soft tortilla but it really worked! The sweet and savoury was amazing together and it was still warm when they brought it out! I didn’t even know they did deserts but I am so happy they did! 

It was a perfect need to a great night!! Make sure you go and check it out because you won’t be sorry when you do!! Taco Bell for the win!! 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them review 🌸

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So last night I went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them in a very busy cinema! I do love it when the cinema is full because the atmosphere is just great and it really is the proper way to watch a film! I will promise not to give too much away about the film it’s just basically what I thought! 

I just want to mention Eddie Redmayne first of and just say what bloody good actor he is! He plays Newt brilliantly, his awkward nature and heart of gold throughout the film just completely made me turn to jelly and I just fell in love with him! He really added to the film make it heart warming and funny as well as exciting. He was fasted beautifully and he really helped make this film what it is and brought that funny British nature into New York City. 

When I heard that it was set in America I was a little dubious to see it; as the world of Wizards and Witches has always been British. I just think of Harry and Hogwarts, so I was struggling to see how it would work, but it really did. They gave the American different terms for things, such as their own wizard school and that they called Muggles, ‘NoMag’. Now I have to say Muggles is a 100% better than that but it did work in the film as our good old Eddie was always using the correct terms!

Now I really like Harry Potter because I basically grew up with it, like so many of us did! So I was a bit in two minds about the film and whether I would be able to warm to it. Well I have to say this film is full of excitement, laughs and one very cool cameo! I would 100% see it again. 

The films also doesn’t completely separate itself from Harry Potter which I really liked. It has little hints such as mentioning the LaStrange family and Albus Dumbledoor, which I like in films as the audience can really connect and feel like they almost know more than the actor.

JK Rowling has outdone herself with the imagination of the wonderful beasts we meet along the way! 

The pure imagination to create these creatures is just incredible. Each one we meet through this adventure had different looks, personalities and desires. The thought behind them is so much more than i had realised they are important characters in themselves and hold such wonderful and individual characteristics! 
Overall I loved this film and would highly recommend! It is exciting hard warming and funny, really another JK Rowling best! You have to see it and tell me what you think! 🌸

Oval brush review! 🌸

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I have had my eye on oval brushes for a while now! There are so many reviews about and I must say they are a pretty mixed bag! 

So I decided because the proper brushes were way out of my price range! Was so get some knock off ones off eBay! Ah good old eBay..

I have to give it to these brushes, for application of certain products they do work really well! For example using them for found foundation I love, it’s not too much faster than a beauty blender but it applies really nicely. I do fine myself using my blender afterwards to make sure the foundation has set nicely but all in all the oval brush does its job! 

I recently tried the oval brush for concealer rather then my sponges and I have to say I did not expect it to work as well as it did! I had a few blemishes on my chin so thought I would try it out to see if the coverage was any different than using a sponge and it was so good! Now I have to say half the coverage is my amazing concealer, MAC Longwear, which honesty you have to try! But the other half is definitely the brush! Compared to my sponge the brush doesn’t absorb any product but applied full coverage to the skin. 

I have found on the other hand a lot of these brushes I don’t use. 

The largest brush that is for powder I rarely, in fact never use. I did try it a couple of times but just found my normal big powder brush works so much better! Sometimes it is just best to use your good old brushes. 

When I comes to the small brushes meant for eyes I have strayed away from purely because they are quite difficult to blend with. I like my eyes to look nice and sort for the day as I have very harsh dark features (shout out to the brunettes!) and these brushes creat a really pigmented could and are a tricky shape to blend with. The one thing I do have to say is if you have any cheap palettes the do bring the colour out better without applying layer after layer! So if you want an intense eye they would be quite helpful for applying but use another fluffier brush to blend out!

Now the best bit!

They are a dream for contour! I have heard people mention it but didn’t quite believe it!

Now I like my contour to be quite soft for blending it out is a massive deal for me! I don’t want horrible lines cursing my face I just want to accentuate my non existent cheekbones. 

The blending is so nice, so soft and I would highly recommend using these for this purpose!! 

The nice thing is you can blend in stages to keep that strong line or keep blending it out, I was very happy and it was fast too! 
Over all the brushes are ok, the shape and handle helps when applied foundations fun the concealer and contour is fab! I would recommend some but not all just due to persona preference! 

Wind in the Willows!! @ Mayflower Southampton 

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Mayflower Southampton production of Wind in the Willows!!! 

My first blogging event! 

This is my first blogging event and it could not be more up my street! I mean come on, drama graduate over here going to a theatre show!! Come on!! I went to the Mayfower Southampton with the Southampton bloggers to see Wind in the Willows and had such a good time! 

Thoughts coming up to the show:

I could remember watching Wind in the Willows when I was little but I couldn’t really remember the story. I knew it was about animals and the two character that stuck out in my head was the Badger and Mr Toad. 

Before heading to the show the main thing I was thinking about was the way they would do the production and make it believable. I mean the whole thing is based around animals and I was curious to see the way they would represent that.

I really didn’t know what to expect but I love musicals so I knew I would love it either way!! 

I walked in and there was already a great atomphere in the way the Mayflower staff were ready and waiting  and there was info and merchandise available everywhere! They gave us the programme to have a look over and the rehearsals pictures were really good! It really got me exited looking through the photos and watching all the audience begin to turn up! 

We walked in and got our amazing seats which had a fantastic view, I mean fantastic! I sat down and got so exited seeing the band and the curtain, just wanted it to start! 

After the show:

This show was the epitome of fun! 

First thing I would have to say is that this is a must see for families! The songs and story are so much fun and it is just a feel good show! The story is family friendly and kids would definitely fall in love with the characters like I did. 

The songs are perfect to sing along too and just get stuck in your head. The characters were just great fun too, especially Rufus Hound who played Mr Toad so well, very funny! This production is full of laughs and is thoroughly enjoyable. 

The show really involved the audience by opening it up in various ways. Some of the show allowed for the cast come Intro the audience with torches! It was just really funny and exciting having it involve us like that. 

I came out of the show feeling really happy as it is just a feel good classic kind of musical that just makes you leave feeling happy. 

The moving set for the show is really impressive, changing from the river bank to the woods to Mr Toads mansion so seemlessly! I have to give it to the set design! You really become submersed in the world they managed to create on stage and by the end you were really believing in these characters and their story. 
The costumes were perfect! Each character were dressed as humans but is a characteristic of there outfit to their animal, like Mr Toad in a green suit. 

My favourite costume was the one of the weasels! The weasels where dressed and gangsters and came with a sneaky sleazy quality. 

He had ears on his hat and a tail but the majority of his costume was based more around the stereotypical traits of a weasel, or what you think a person who is referred to a weasel would be like. 

He was great and threw himself into the character! 
I honestly had so much fun at this show and would highly recommend! Family friendly and great fun it would make a great evening out! You will come home laughing and feeling good as this performance really ends on a high! 

At the moment the show is on trail but if it comes to a city near you make sure to head over! It was so much fun and made a lovely evening! 

I really enjoyed myself because the cast was and the audience! It was a great atmosphere and just put a smile on everyone’s face! 

I would definitely see it again and it was so lovely throwing back to the Wind in the Willows but in such a fun and immersive way! 

What a great night! The Mayflower was great as always and the show was so much fun! I would say a must see! 🌸

Autumn lipstick colours!! 

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Lipsticks including: 

  • L’Oréal- Colour Riche Matte 430 Mon Jules 
  • MUA- Luxe London liquid lipstick Dare
  • Maybelline- Vivid Matte Liquid 35 Rebel Red
  • Kiko- 602 (didn’t say the type) 
  • Maybelline- Vivid Matte Liquid 50 Nude thrill 
  • MAC- Whirl (Matte) 

These are some of my lipsticks I have dug out and I think are perfect for the chilly weather! 

I’m going to start with the Maybelline Vivid Matte as there are two in the line up and they are to die for! 

Maybelline Vivid Matte

I bought the Nude Thrill to start with as I really wanted to try a nude liquid lipstick and I was so happy with the result I just had to get another! 

As far as liquid lipsticks go that dry as Matte, I had heard they could be quite drying to your lips when they had set properly. This made me a little be dubious to try them but when they go right they just look flawless! So I took the plunge! 


The bottles are quite small so perfect to throw in your handbag and grab for top ups! I love the rectangle shape also, I think it gives the product a bit more of a high end product look, and the shape of the lid makes application really easy 


The applicator is also really good! Considering the lipstick is only £7.00 I was concerned that possibly the applicator would be its downfall but it didn’t even fail there! The applicator is a great size and shape for fully covering the lip and making sure it doesn’t go all over the place. The size also means you can get in the corners of the mouth with it bleeding over. I would still recommend using a lip liner, like I would with any lipstick just to get that lovely clean line we all crave! 

Product itself 

 The product inside is absolutely amazing in my opinion! It is so thick with just one applications and doesn’t sink into the groves of my lips. The way it costs just over, gives a natural but full coverage look, not cakey or so much you feel like you have snogged a clown! 

The first time I wore the product I was waiting to see the outcome of when it has dried in case it felt sticky or made my lips dry out. Well it certainly didn’t! It dries so nicely just enough to give the Matte effect that’s intended but not so much my lips feel like they could crack at any moment! 

I was so happy with this product and the colours are so nice for autumn with the ability to convert from night to day! 💜

L’Oréal- Colour Riche Matte

This is my newest one, only bought it yesterday! I tested it out today at work though lunch and all means of working to see how long it would last and how it made my lips feel! 


As far as packaging goes for L’Oreal products and lipsticks I have to say I love majority of the time! These lipsticks are so pretty with the gold square cases! 

I think the product looks so high end but are so affordable! This lipstick cost me £7 and I think it looks like it should cost £15 to £18 or more! The lid snaps on and off keeping the product nice and not drying out! Which is perfect for chucking in your hand back or clutch to top up through the day or night. 

Product itself 

There were two things I was initially worried about when trying this lipstick: 

1. Would it dry out my lips?

2. Would it last all day? 

Well after wearing the product all day I have to say it didn’t dry my lips and badly as I thought. I did two applications today and only now I’m home and I starting to feel like I need to take it off, that’s 8 hours before I wanted to get it off! Not bad at all! I think as it’s a Matte lipstick it will eventually fee quite dry, so I was expecting it but it definitely was barable for the day.

In terms of it lasting all day I need to give it some credit, although it came off a little and I did have to reapply, I put it though a handle of cups of tea and a huge stir fry! No wonder I had to top up! All in all it lasted a great amount of time and would definitely recommend for an all day wear as long as you have it with you! 

I did however have one little qualm with the way the product applies. As it was a dark colour be prepared for it to bleed over your lips! I tried it out the night before just to see if lip liner was essentially and let just say it 100% was needed. I don’t think this is particularly a bad thing, the product is just so pigmented that it needs a nice general precise application, so TAKE YOUR TIME! 

Kiko lipstick 

I am a sucker for Kiko products because they’re so cheap! We all love a bargain! 


The packaging of the lipstick is so nice, and so unique! I love these ones as you have to put the bottom of the lipstick to release it from the ‘outer shell’ shall we say. I feel like a secret agent clicking it, like I’m the only one that knows how to access the lipstick haha! 

The colour is so nice, golden with a rose gold effect. It just brings the whole look of the product to another level and is so pretty! 

Product itself 

I love the way the product from Kiko applied. It is like a velvet kind of feel and applies the colour nice and pigmented. Again I always like to pair a lip liner with lipstick to crisp the edges and just enhance the colour. 

Although the product applies really nicely I found it wasn’t the best for all day wear. The product is so soft to apply I wonder if this is what effects the long wear coverage. I tend to get a good couple of hours wear out of this lipstick before I find myself applying it again. This product is still so nice though but just be prepared to be getting out your bag quite a bit. Saying that the good thing is the more you apply does not make the product cakey or uncomfortable to wear. 

I would still recommend this purely for what you get for the price! 

MUA Liquid Matte lipstick 

MUA is a great brand for affordability and the products do do it justice! I do like MUA and this colour lipstick is to die for! 


I don’t have too much to say about the packaging of this product as it is a pretty straight forward bottle for liquid lipstick. I do like that you can see the colour and the good thing it comes out exactly as it looks! The black lid against the dark colour looks really nice and makes it seem very evening, even though I think the colour is perfect for autumn days! 

Product itself 

The product is great to apply! The colour is just amazing and comes out extremely pigmented. With just one application the product is so bold and the colour is perfect. The lipstick also dries quite quickly so you get the Matte effect intended nice and fast. 

Although the product is great for colour and application there are two things I doing an issue with. So beware

The first is because it is so great with colour and that it dries nice and fast I doing it really dried out my lips! If wore the product too long I found myself really aware of how tight my lips felt! It would be great for maybe drinks or just not wearing for too long as I found I wanted to take it off after a while. The second issue I found is after I had eaten I needed to top it up, which is understandable as you would have to do this with most lipsticks when you eat the way I do! It was applying another layer that I fount the issue with. The lipstick has not completely come off my lips so I thought to just apply another layer on top, like I would with my other lipsticks. The issue arose straight away I found it made the product bumpy and not sit nice on my lips. For the product to appear nicely again I had to take t off entirely and re apply which I don’t always have time for.

Other than that the product is really nice and like I said the colour is just incredible! I will definitely keep using but be prepared to reapply and maybe take off early! 

MAC Whirl Matte lipstick 

I did have a swatch of this but isn’t in the line up on the photo, it is the forth swatch up –> 

MAC is so well know for lipsticks and everyone kind of already knows they’re good but I just really like this colour and thought the brown is a nice alternative Autumn colour to berries and reds. 


The packaging is the classic MAC lipstick case. I do love  their branding and design of there products as it is so simple but so distinctive as a brand. 

The back and silver is so simple but everyone knows when you whack it out it’s a MAC product. I know that it is a little more expensive but everyone loves a little luxury every now and again! 

Product itself 

MAC lipsticks are the most reliable brand that I buy! The colours are always fantastic and the Matte ones in particular I love. 

The colour of Whirl is quite different for me but I really wanted to try and brown/ dark nude and when I saw this one I had to give it ago! I love this colour and got the matching lip liner to match! 

This colour is one you can take in autumn and transition into winter as I find it to be a very warm brown. The great thing it has the versatility to wear in the day and the night with a lush smokey eye! The product applied really nicely as it has a lovely velvety quality to it, which also means it doesn’t dry my lips out! I do find I need to top up near the end of the day but mainly because the darkness just means it becomes a little obvious when it begins to come off. 

I love this colour and product so much and would highly recommend!! 
Hope you liked this review of my autumn lipstick pics! Let me know what you think and what you want!! 🌸💜