The Body Shop- Southampton

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I went to The Body Shop, along with the Southampton Bloggers last week to have a little look at their range- especially the Drops of Youth products. I have never been to one of The Body Shop events before, but I love their products so I was really excited to attend and try out some of their ranges.

If you have never tried any Body Shop products, first thing I would say is to go an do so! They are a great British company and are totally cruelty free, so you really can’t go wrong. “We’re a 100% vegetarian beauty brand, and over half our products are vegan.”

One of the ranges they were telling us all about Drops of Youth. Now, I have already heard about this range but haven’t really had the opportunity to try it out. They were so helpful in store and really happy to show us what all these different products do and what the benefits are. I think one of the great things about this brand is their attention to detail and ensuring they find their customers the ideal product.

anna treatment

They were doing full examples on some of the bloggers who wanted it, and some little examples on our hands so we could see what the products actually do. Anna had the Drops of Youth on the back of her hand, as the serum is used to take off the dead skin and reveal your natural glowy skin. Honestly, within moments of her rubbing the product into the skin, you could see the skin coming off and removing the dirt. She wiped away the residue with warm water, and you could see such a difference compared to the hand she hadn’t done.

They were nice enough to give us a little goody bag after with some samples of the Drops of Youth and a full size Himalayan face wash. I got a chance to have a little pamper the other night, so decided to give the face wash a go and my skin was so smooth! I have real trouble with my skin, so I do get nervous using new products but as this is all natural I felt much more comfortable and it was really gentle on my skin.


I am looking to head down again on pay day to get some more of the products to try out- especially the Drops of Youth.

If you are near by definitely have a little look and the employees would be more than happy to show you and chat about the products.



Skin Care- Problem skin

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Skin is such a big thing and for women it is something that they can be judged on quite quickly. We are meant to all have beautiful clear skin, but the truth is a very small amount of women actually have photoshop like skin. Those that do are incredibly luck and probably take great care of it, so fair on em! 

If there was one thing physically I could change about myself it would be never having to worry about and just having naturally great skin. In an ideal world I could be one of those girls who could get up and go make up free and look absolutely insane, but that is not the case. I love make up don’t get my wrong, and I actually enjoy putting it on, but if my skin was good I would go make up free much more during the day. Now I know what some people will say: ‘if you wore less make up, maybe your skin would improve’. Well thanks for your great advice, but I don’t wear bloody buckets loads and I always take it off at the end of the day, so really that is not the issue. 

I have never had bad skin until the last 2 years or so. Since this time I have found my skin has become much more uneven and can become very red and aggressive, especially on my chin. As this is a hormonal area, at first I though ah maybe I’m coming on, or maybe I need to change my pill (which I still feel is a fact but I will get on to that). Eventually my skin was continually deteriorating and was constantly getting me down, and this is when I knew something had to change. Now contraception could be a contributing factor but is such a tricky thing. When I changed last time, it just made me gain so much weight so I felt I had two choices: be fat or be spotty. It is a loosing battle. My contraception is something I am going to look into much more, but for now I have updated my skin care routine. I wanted to do this post to share with you the products I have found seem to be helping and bring up a insecurity a lot of woman face.

This is the first time I have had a real skincare routine and I now realise how important it is! I never had to worry about it before, but that was when my skin was good and now as something has changed I had to listen to my body. Lets start with the products I’m using and what order!

I start with getting rid of make up wipes as I had done some research and apparently if your skin is spot prone, Micellar water is a better choice and much more kind to skin.


I found that this simple one is really gentle and really gets rid of all the dirt from the day and the make up. It is such a nice feeling to pour this cold onto a cotton pad and take everything off- actually very relaxing. One thing I have found is that I enjoy my skin care routine as I take my time to treat myself to it, feels like a well needed pamper every evening- some real self love. 


I have heard that the expensive cleansers tend to be better for skin, but as I had just started I wanted to try a high street brand and see if it worked for me. That’s the thing with skin, everyones is so different and it is very individual for what works. This Superdrug cleanser is so lovely on my face and gives it a real good clean! I would recommend this. 


I had heard really goof things about the L’oreal Fine Flower range and this toner has not disappointed. I still don’t really know what toner does but it really does feel lovely and gentle on your skin. I would really recommend this, not only for the lovely packaging and smell but it really it kind to your skin. 


Now this is the god send! I was recommended this by my step sister and it is a 2% BHA Liquid, Salicylic acid. Now this is quite a string exfoliant, but it has really made all the different. It is quite strong and they recommend if you use this during the day to also wear suncream at least 15 strength, but I have just been applying this at night to sleep. What it does is: creates radiant, even-toned skin, reduces redness & build collagen and unclogs & diminishes enlarged pores. This one is a little pricey compared to my other products, but it is the one thing I think that has made the biggest difference.

The last thing I am trying out is really concentrating on what I am putting in my body. I have googled what can help skin and these are the things I’m trying:

  • I am taking a Vitamin C and Zinc tablet you dissolve in water every morning. It doesn’t taste the best but you just knock it back and its not too bad. Not only is this meant to be great to skin (more so the zinc) it helps with your immune system and fatigue. 
  • I have changed my daily cup of tea for a green tea, which is meant to be amazingly good for your entire body but has also been said to help acne. 
  • I am a picky eater but I am taking a real interest in what I am eating in my diet. I am trying to eat less meat and generally make my meals healthier and to be honest it hasn’t been too hard so far but I do need to be a little more strict. 

I do thing that it is improving slowly but I will keep you updated with the progress but I hope this could be helpful to anyone struggling with bad skin as I completely understand that it can get you down. 

Grace x

The Stable Southampton

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Today I went down to the Stable Southampton for pizza and cider tasting along with the Southampton Bloggers.I am heading off to America tomorrow on a Trek America tour, so it was the perfect afternoon and the perfect treat before I jet off.

We went through 10 different ciders that the Stable sells, from mature to home brewed and rated them to find out favourite. We considered things such as , appearance, aroma and taste. I loved having the chance to explore some ciders I had never had before, as I am typically a strawberry and lime kind of girl, so it was great to have a little experiment of the taste buds!

Between the cider tasing we also got the chance to have some of their stone baked pizzas, I had one with beef, ham and chorizo

stable 1

The pizzas were so tasty and really authentic!

We had the best service on top of all these treats! We were sat up stairs with our fabulous host Ellie, who was so confident, bubbly and knew everything so well! It really settled us in and definitely made the experience what it was.

They have such a selection of ciders and they are all so different. Some I wasn’t sure of, but it was such a good opportunity to give them all a go. Not only having the chance to try, but learning a bit more about the brewing and differences with different ciders was actually really interesting. I will 100% be more adventurous now when it comes to choosing and trying ciders, because most of what I tried I actually really liked!

stable 2

It was a super lovely afternoon with the girls and If you are after some authentic food and a restaurant that really knows their cider, I cannot recumbent the Stable enough. They seem to be really expanding, so if you see one or have the chance to pop into the Southampton one, do it! You won’t regret it!

Grace xxx

Go!Southampton: Seaside in the square

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chairYesterday the Southampton Bloggers and I headed down to Go Southampton’s Seaside in the square for a cocktail masterclass at the Orange Rooms stand.

I had heard the buzz about the event for a little while now but didn’t really know what to expect. I was so surprised, rocking up to Guildhall square to see a full on beach! In my mind I had something quite small, maybe a few stalls and a bit of sand but what they had done was so impressive!!

It was like stepping out of Southampton and into a fabulous beach club in Spain! Lucky for us the sun was shining and this made it even more amazing. The whole floor was sand, with deck chairs, blow ups and a massive stage playing some great tunes and a saxophone player! The event team welcomed us and told us to have a little look and play around to explore the great scene they had set up. The amount of effort that had gone into this event could been seen everywhere, ever tiny detail they had thought of.


orange bar

After having a nose around and getting some pictures we were invited over to the Orange Rooms stand to have a go at making some cocktails! We made some Round The World Mojito’s which is an Orange Rooms special, with a passion fruit twist (which is my absolute favorite). We had one staff member invite us up two at a time to have a go at making these tasty treats, and I must say they turned out pretty damn good!

We got a chance to do the whole cocktail ourselves, obviously with supervision and they were so yummy! We all had a go, until we had a chance to chill to the music, each some nibbles provided by the wonderful Mettircks and get some more pictures.

The seaside in the square is staying around until the 25th August with loads of FREE events! They have things like beach volleyball and beach yoga! They have so many things coming up so make sure to get yourself down there, you won’t regret it!

Grace xx


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A few weeks ago I went along to Supermarine in Woolston with the Southampton bloggers. We had an evening of pizza making, wine and laughter and it was a really great evening!

They were fabulous hosts for us and we go to try so much of the menu, which I was so excited about as there was so much I hadn’t had before.

We all had a great start to the evening sitting around, chatting and experiencing the great atmosphere that is created in this restaurant.


Not only were they nice enough to let us taste all this incredible food but they let us have a go at making our own pizzas in their massive pizza oven!

The kitchen is all open in the restaurant so you can see your food being prepared and made and they let us have a close up look and try our hand at making a traditional pizza from their menu

I have to say I was not the best at making pizza but I gave it a real go and you cannot fault how helpful and fun the chef’s were. They were nice enough to help all the girls who wanted to have a go, made a different pizza for each of us and were so patient with those us who weren’t that natural! (me!)


I had such a fabulous evening and I cannot wait to go back and try that menu all over again! I have already been talking to all my friends and I cannot recommend this place enough.

Get down there!

x Grace x

Tanstic Tesco!

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I always forget what little hidden gems that Tesco comes up with in their clothing range! I popped in the other night and decided to have a look upstairs at their autumn range at F&F.

Well I can safely say they did not disappoint…

I basically fell in love with these three jackets!

They are so on trend, lush colors, and so affordable! I really think that Tesco is an underdog when it come to fashion, it has got so modern in the last few years and I can’t wait to go back and get some of their autumn pieces.

I am especially a fan of the denim jacket, it is right up my street and I feel the fur collar makes  it a more unique piece while still being up to date.

This was just a little post, but I would highly recommend having a look in your local Tesco as I think its a great place for a cheeky bargain!



Festival Fashion Picks

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I headed off to Vfestival a couple of weekends ago for the 6th year! I love this festival and it has become a tradition for me and my friends.

I thought this year I would do a little post on my outfits from the weekend at the Chelmsford festival. I really do love festival fashion, as its a real chance to experiment and flourish with colour! Even if the weather wasn’t the best, the one thing to reply on with British people at festivals is that we power through with the summer look come rain or shine!

I always try and plan outfits from the Friday, as even though you start the day travelling you want to show off your look from the get go for the evening!

Day 1 Outfit

Day 1:

Top- Topshop

Shorts- New Look

Jacket- River island

I wanted to make sure I was festival ready but still comfy for the car journey as I knew it was going to be a long one! The jacket I am obsessed with but never get the opportunity to wear.  It is light, cream and has fringing on the back and sides, which was so on point for a festival. The denim shorts are always a safe bet and I would have pack them either way. they go with pretty much anything at a festival and our a comfy, effortless look. I really like these distressed hot pant shorts that I grabbed last summer from New Look. I added the chocker that I actually borrowed off my mum, to just give the rather simple outfit a but more of a glam look. I think accessorising is a key element of festival wear to easily upgrade any outfit.


Day 2:

Top- Topshop

Denim Jacket- Topshop

Skirt- Urban Outfitters

Hoop earrings- Primark

Sunglasses- Primark

Shoes- Converse

Saturday is always my favourite day at a festival! It is where the fun really begins and the fashion comes out. This was my favourite outfit of the weekend, with the colour, dressed to impress nature but so easy and comfy to wear! I love this top from Topshop but the colour and shape means I can’t wear it all the time, but the sun was shining and what doesn’t go at a festival! I really like the bright yellow against the navy of the skirt. One thing I find really flattering is the wrap of the skirt and allows it to be dressed up or down. Now, denim jackets…you just can’t go wrong and they are definitely a statement piece for any girls wardrobe. They are the perfect look for s light jacket that you can put with the majority of outfits. (I’m even partial to a double denim look when done right). I honestly loved this look and was so comfy for the day, which is so key at festival considering all the walking and drinking!


Day 3:

Dress- Zara

Shirt- Topshop

Shoes- Converse

This was on the Sunday and the weather wasn’t quite so nice, warm but the sun was hiding from us. I really liked this look due to its pure simplicity but came together really well. Again for me it was making sure I felt comfortable and would last a whole day. This dress is so versatile, I wear it to work but dressed it down for the festival. It has a silk front and cotton back, so it just gives it a little extra. I really liked the shirt with the dress as I think it gave the look at little extra and made it more of an outfit, rather than just wearing the dress. Sometimes I think the most simple outfits at festivals look the best, that effortless with effort look! the converse I wore both days as I think they are the perfect add to festivals (as long as its dry!) that create that casual look and you’ll last from day to night in. As this outfit was more simple I went for more gems and a quirkier hairstyle, as thats what festivals are all about right!

I had such a good weekend and for once liked my outfits for the whole weekend! If anyone is thinking about a festival I would 100% recommend. You come back with the most amazing memories and see so many acts for your money! in terms of outfits I think less effort is more! Remember you are camping and spending the weekend on your feet, so dress comfortably and experiment! It’s what festivals are for!



Sudio Sweden Headphones

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I was lucky enough to be sent some of the fabulous Sudio Sweden headphones in the style ‘Regent’

I have always struggled with headphones, and getting a style I really like, but these were literally ideal. I have wanted some over the head headphones for ages but always found they were too big, or the quality wasn’t worth the price!

I was so excited to try out the Sudio Sweden headphones to see what they were like!

Firstly the style of these headphones is something I love! They are so stylish and sleek, and you can even change the design on the sides. you can get different panels that attach on the side to change your look for any mood or occasion. The great thing, and one of my favourite things about these headphones is the fact they are wireless, which means I can connect them to my phone and use them without being tangled or attached!


The company is based in Stockholm and is transforming peoples perception of earphones as a wearable accessory.  I especially love the way that these headphones are an accessory and can compliment ANY outfit! I love fashion and feel that these can add to any look.

The sound of these headphone is great and I was really pleasantly surprised with this excellent quality! The retail price of these are £119 for the over the head in black or white, whereas the ones that go in your ears are priced at £89. I would say that these prices are very reasonably priced due to the quality and sound they produce. If you are interested in these, they have a great deal at the moment to use beautybrownblog15 for 15% off!!

I am so happy with these and have literally been using them non stop! I can’t recommend these more, they would be a great investment!

Let me know what you thought about this post in the comments, and let me know if you have tried these headphones!

Grace x

Vospers, Woolston

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Last night I got to go along to the new Vospers in Woolston, as part of the new Watermark with the Southampton Bloggers.

They invited us to have a cocktail master class and try some of there fabulous burgers! I can safely say my eyes were bigger than my belly!



The evening was filled with laughter and good food!

When we got to Vospers we were greeted with smiling faces and there was a great atmosphere already in the restaurant. There was a lovely big table set up for us with a bar at the end where we could go up and have a crack at making some cocktails from their menu, starting with ‘The last word’.

They were excellent in getting us up and involved to show us everything we needed to know about the drinks, and they were really tasty…and strong!

Now onto the main event…the food! The burgers were really quick to come out, especially with there being such a big group of us and they had a birthday party in, so I was really impressed. One big shout out goes to the sweet potato fries! Now I am a big fan of sweet potato and I can confirm these were some of the best I’ve has in while! I was really impressed with the food and the service on the evening.


One thing I really liked was the decor and the feel of the entire restaurant. It was so cosy and filled with bits and pieces that made the whole place feel unique and personal. They had pictures all around of the people that worked in the old Vospers factory which really added to the atmosphere.

The bar and kitchen was all open so you could see the food and drink being prepared, which I love as you can see what is happening with your order. The design of the whole place has been really thought out and ties together really well.

I already can’t wait to go back! I would highly recommend Vospers if you are after a lush burger and a stiff cocktail!

Grace x


Essjee Mircomeso Facial

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On the 13.07.2017 I got to go along to an even in Salisbury to look at a great facial treatment called ‘Mircomeso Facial’.

We got to watch the treatment, which uses mirco needles to gently penetrate the surface of the skin to trigger the bodies process of wound healing. It essentially a way of helping your body create natural, healthy collagen, which we all love a bit of!

The treatment has loads of benefits too!

  • Helps improve skin tone and promote a ‘healthy glow’
  • Elasticity and firmness can be regained
  • Skin can appear lifted and rejuvenated
  • Open/ large pores can be reduced

Just to name a few!

Myself and Brighteyeblog were invited along to an evening to see the treatment and learn a little more about what its all about, with the added joy of a bit of prosecco and nibbles! Sarah, who conducted the treatment was fabulous with telling us all we needed to know, answer our questions and really welcomed us. It was a fab opportunity to see this new treatment that is so organic and natural, it just uses what you already have! With all these new beauty trends and expectations it was a really interesting evening to hear all about something that is really starting to take off.

I have never seen or heard of anything about this kind of treatment but seeing a couple of the girls who had it done, I can say I could really see a difference!

What happens in the facial:

It starts with an in depth consultation, which is so important when it comes to things a little medical just to be safe! From there the skin is cleansed and inspected to then be disinfected.  The microneedling then takes place, products are applied and then aftercare is advised.

Speaking to the model that had it done, all she could say was how clean and fresh her face felt after. That is one of my favorite feelings; when you take your make up off, cleanse and moisturize and that feeling of a clean face!

If you were ever thinking about a facial treatment this is certainly one I would recommend and a safe alternative to all these dermarollers on social media! It does take a few treatments to see a difference so if its for you then you’ll have to be committed!

If it sounds like you type of thing contact Sarah at Essjee on 07753226566 or email you can also check her work out on Instagram as she also does permanent make up! @sarahgibbpmu


Grace x