Oval brush review! 🌸

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I have had my eye on oval brushes for a while now! There are so many reviews about and I must say they are a pretty mixed bag! 

So I decided because the proper brushes were way out of my price range! Was so get some knock off ones off eBay! Ah good old eBay..

I have to give it to these brushes, for application of certain products they do work really well! For example using them for found foundation I love, it’s not too much faster than a beauty blender but it applies really nicely. I do fine myself using my blender afterwards to make sure the foundation has set nicely but all in all the oval brush does its job! 

I recently tried the oval brush for concealer rather then my sponges and I have to say I did not expect it to work as well as it did! I had a few blemishes on my chin so thought I would try it out to see if the coverage was any different than using a sponge and it was so good! Now I have to say half the coverage is my amazing concealer, MAC Longwear, which honesty you have to try! But the other half is definitely the brush! Compared to my sponge the brush doesn’t absorb any product but applied full coverage to the skin. 

I have found on the other hand a lot of these brushes I don’t use. 

The largest brush that is for powder I rarely, in fact never use. I did try it a couple of times but just found my normal big powder brush works so much better! Sometimes it is just best to use your good old brushes. 

When I comes to the small brushes meant for eyes I have strayed away from purely because they are quite difficult to blend with. I like my eyes to look nice and sort for the day as I have very harsh dark features (shout out to the brunettes!) and these brushes creat a really pigmented could and are a tricky shape to blend with. The one thing I do have to say is if you have any cheap palettes the do bring the colour out better without applying layer after layer! So if you want an intense eye they would be quite helpful for applying but use another fluffier brush to blend out!

Now the best bit!

They are a dream for contour! I have heard people mention it but didn’t quite believe it!

Now I like my contour to be quite soft for blending it out is a massive deal for me! I don’t want horrible lines cursing my face I just want to accentuate my non existent cheekbones. 

The blending is so nice, so soft and I would highly recommend using these for this purpose!! 

The nice thing is you can blend in stages to keep that strong line or keep blending it out, I was very happy and it was fast too! 
Over all the brushes are ok, the shape and handle helps when applied foundations fun the concealer and contour is fab! I would recommend some but not all just due to persona preference!