Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them review 🌸

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So last night I went to see Fantastic Beasts and where to find them in a very busy cinema! I do love it when the cinema is full because the atmosphere is just great and it really is the proper way to watch a film! I will promise not to give too much away about the film it’s just basically what I thought! 

I just want to mention Eddie Redmayne first of and just say what bloody good actor he is! He plays Newt brilliantly, his awkward nature and heart of gold throughout the film just completely made me turn to jelly and I just fell in love with him! He really added to the film make it heart warming and funny as well as exciting. He was fasted beautifully and he really helped make this film what it is and brought that funny British nature into New York City. 

When I heard that it was set in America I was a little dubious to see it; as the world of Wizards and Witches has always been British. I just think of Harry and Hogwarts, so I was struggling to see how it would work, but it really did. They gave the American different terms for things, such as their own wizard school and that they called Muggles, ‘NoMag’. Now I have to say Muggles is a 100% better than that but it did work in the film as our good old Eddie was always using the correct terms!

Now I really like Harry Potter because I basically grew up with it, like so many of us did! So I was a bit in two minds about the film and whether I would be able to warm to it. Well I have to say this film is full of excitement, laughs and one very cool cameo! I would 100% see it again. 

The films also doesn’t completely separate itself from Harry Potter which I really liked. It has little hints such as mentioning the LaStrange family and Albus Dumbledoor, which I like in films as the audience can really connect and feel like they almost know more than the actor.

JK Rowling has outdone herself with the imagination of the wonderful beasts we meet along the way! 

The pure imagination to create these creatures is just incredible. Each one we meet through this adventure had different looks, personalities and desires. The thought behind them is so much more than i had realised they are important characters in themselves and hold such wonderful and individual characteristics! 
Overall I loved this film and would highly recommend! It is exciting hard warming and funny, really another JK Rowling best! You have to see it and tell me what you think! 🌸