Goals and Wants for 2019, A reflection…

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me grand canyon edit

So I have made myself a list of goals and wants for 2019. I know a lot of people do this, and a lot of people never even get round to doing half of them, the ‘new year, new me’ crap doesn’t really work. I think this year, I am not going to become the ‘new me’ but improve the person I already am.

2018 really did fly past and too be honest, although I had a great year, I don’t feel as if I achieved anything in particular. The biggest thing for me last year was going to America on my own, for a solo tour and that is the one experience that has made me want to focus on myself this year. I am definitely one of those people who massively over think things, and this can lead to me sometimes over looking what I want out of something, as I am more concerned with the people around me. This year I have made the decision to be selfish. Selfish in the sense that I want to spend the year with a smile on my face, and to do that I need to do the things I want to do. What are the things that could make me happy, and make me look back on this year the way I do when thinking about America and the way I felt when I came back. Doing the solo tour really pushed me out of my comfort zone and because I was alone, all my decisions were for myself and no one else. What a great feeling! I’m not saying I am about to disregard everyone and their feelings around me, I’m saying this year is about self love and self care. We all need more of it.

I am feeling really positive when looking to this year, which is more than I can say for 2018. I remember after new year last year, I was feeling anxious and unsure (I’m not saying I don’t feel that way at all) but this year I am going into it with more of a good outlook. I am not saying I have it all together, and I do not think I am suddenly going to find myself in 2019- I am still a little lost bunny with what I want to do with my life- but I am going into it with myself at the forefront of my mind. I do not need to please anyone, I do not need to know what I want to do with my life, I want to make this year, a year of memories. (That was disgustingly cheesy, I know and I don’t care).

I have a few things on my list as I gradually build it up but I wanted to share the couple of things I have that reflect on the ‘self love’ idea for the year:

  • Read more
  • Keep fitness and health good
  • Learn a new skill (hoping keyboard)
  • Do something that scares you
  • Watch less TV/ Netflix!
  • Less Social media

The last two are things to help me become more attentive to whats around me and stop feeling like I always have to have a screen on or something in the background. I don’t know about you, but I find myself always with Netflix on in the background, or put it on to fall asleep. I do this alongside looking at my phone, for what feels like every 10 minutes. I want to remove this from my routine/ life and fully immerse myself in the things I am doing, even if that is just getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner. I want to make sure I am fully in the moment, no matter what I am doing.

Now I know these may seem cheesy, generic or ridiculous to some, but I want to give them a go. I really want to focus this year and complete the things I set my mind too.

There are other things I have set for myself too, like travelling, activities and places I want to visit. Things that are simple, like seeing friends and make time for family, as all these thing effect your mood and these are the things I know make me happy.

Wish me luck! And I hope whatever goals, wants or challenges you set yourself this year, you stick to it and get what you want from them!




Go!Southampton: Seaside in the square

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chairYesterday the Southampton Bloggers and I headed down to Go Southampton’s Seaside in the square for a cocktail masterclass at the Orange Rooms stand.

I had heard the buzz about the event for a little while now but didn’t really know what to expect. I was so surprised, rocking up to Guildhall square to see a full on beach! In my mind I had something quite small, maybe a few stalls and a bit of sand but what they had done was so impressive!!

It was like stepping out of Southampton and into a fabulous beach club in Spain! Lucky for us the sun was shining and this made it even more amazing. The whole floor was sand, with deck chairs, blow ups and a massive stage playing some great tunes and a saxophone player! The event team welcomed us and told us to have a little look and play around to explore the great scene they had set up. The amount of effort that had gone into this event could been seen everywhere, ever tiny detail they had thought of.


orange bar

After having a nose around and getting some pictures we were invited over to the Orange Rooms stand to have a go at making some cocktails! We made some Round The World Mojito’s which is an Orange Rooms special, with a passion fruit twist (which is my absolute favorite). We had one staff member invite us up two at a time to have a go at making these tasty treats, and I must say they turned out pretty damn good!

We got a chance to do the whole cocktail ourselves, obviously with supervision and they were so yummy! We all had a go, until we had a chance to chill to the music, each some nibbles provided by the wonderful Mettircks and get some more pictures.

The seaside in the square is staying around until the 25th August with loads of FREE events! They have things like beach volleyball and beach yoga! They have so many things coming up so make sure to get yourself down there, you won’t regret it!

Grace xx

Astonishing- P&O Cruises

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group 2

I had the opportunity to preview the new P&O Cruise show Astonishing, produced by Stephen Mulhern and Jonathan Wilkes.

I went along with the fabulous Southampton bloggers to spend the morning, experiencing the vibe of the ship and watching the show!

Firstly, I have never been on a cruise ship in my life! The closet thing I’ve ever been on is the ferry to the Isle of Wight! I was so excited to just step foot on the boat and see what all the fuss was about with these kind of holidays, like what could a ship really offer?!

We arrived outside the terminal to a read carpet with photographers and camera crews all about. We saw Stephen outside having photos and interviews and I’m not going to lie, I was star struck, I love that guy! When receiving the invite I wasn’t sure how much involvement he would have, or if he would even be there but I was so excited to see him! We continued to walk through and go through customs to enter the ship. It may sound silly, but I didn’t realise they even had customs, but it was just like in an airport. It makes sense now I think about it, you are still travelling just like on a plane so all the same precautions are in place.

We stepped onto the boat and my first reaction was ‘wow!’ It was incredible! The ship was stunning and everything was beautiful, it was like being in a massive grand hotel, you would never even know you were on a boat.

We were led through to a waiting/ holding room where we were treated to nibbles and champagne. The staff were so attentive, constantly walking around offering the bites and ensuring we always had a full glass, I could not fault them. We were then led through to the theatre room, and my jaw dropped. The size of the theatre was just amazing, it was like any London theatre I had been in and at this point I was getting really excited about seeing the show. We were all sat down and some famous faces walked through, showing their support, like Dec! Dec from Ant and Dec entered the room!! I lost my head, I was so excited I just waved over as if I knew him….Just saying I got a wave back 😉

Watching the show as 100% my highlight. It was so slick and well put together, I absolutely loved it. The show not only contained magic and illusion but it was a whole ensemble of dance numbers and singing, it flowed so well. I love a bit of cheese, but this is the perfect family show which is perfect for a cruise holiday.

After the show, Stephen and Johnathan came onto stage and chatted about the support and the process to create the show. There was a lot of thanks and a lot of information, which was brilliant as you could really see the passion and hard work that was put into this show.

group 1.jpg

Following the performance we were led to another part of the ship (if we weren’t shown around, I would have got lost the ship is so big!) for afternoon tea and cakes.

The spread was lovey, loads of cakes and the staff were walking around with sandwiches, pies and other savory treats. I could not fault the staff on the cruise line, they have such pride in their work to ensure the passengers have an amazing time and are constantly catered for. The entire morning was just so lovely, smooth and brillaintly organised I didn’t want to leave, I wanted it to set off and do a mini cruise!

I had never considered this kind of holiday as I thought cruise ships just weren’t for me, but this even has completely changed my view! The whole experience, on top of the excellent show has go me excited to look into the trips P&K offer. I could not recommend it more, if my morning was this fab just think of a holiday with them!

Grace xx

group 3.jpg


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A few weeks ago I went along to Supermarine in Woolston with the Southampton bloggers. We had an evening of pizza making, wine and laughter and it was a really great evening!

They were fabulous hosts for us and we go to try so much of the menu, which I was so excited about as there was so much I hadn’t had before.

We all had a great start to the evening sitting around, chatting and experiencing the great atmosphere that is created in this restaurant.


Not only were they nice enough to let us taste all this incredible food but they let us have a go at making our own pizzas in their massive pizza oven!

The kitchen is all open in the restaurant so you can see your food being prepared and made and they let us have a close up look and try our hand at making a traditional pizza from their menu

I have to say I was not the best at making pizza but I gave it a real go and you cannot fault how helpful and fun the chef’s were. They were nice enough to help all the girls who wanted to have a go, made a different pizza for each of us and were so patient with those us who weren’t that natural! (me!)


I had such a fabulous evening and I cannot wait to go back and try that menu all over again! I have already been talking to all my friends and I cannot recommend this place enough.

Get down there!

x Grace x

Tanstic Tesco!

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I always forget what little hidden gems that Tesco comes up with in their clothing range! I popped in the other night and decided to have a look upstairs at their autumn range at F&F.

Well I can safely say they did not disappoint…

I basically fell in love with these three jackets!

They are so on trend, lush colors, and so affordable! I really think that Tesco is an underdog when it come to fashion, it has got so modern in the last few years and I can’t wait to go back and get some of their autumn pieces.

I am especially a fan of the denim jacket, it is right up my street and I feel the fur collar makes  it a more unique piece while still being up to date.

This was just a little post, but I would highly recommend having a look in your local Tesco as I think its a great place for a cheeky bargain!



Vospers, Woolston

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Last night I got to go along to the new Vospers in Woolston, as part of the new Watermark with the Southampton Bloggers.

They invited us to have a cocktail master class and try some of there fabulous burgers! I can safely say my eyes were bigger than my belly!



The evening was filled with laughter and good food!

When we got to Vospers we were greeted with smiling faces and there was a great atmosphere already in the restaurant. There was a lovely big table set up for us with a bar at the end where we could go up and have a crack at making some cocktails from their menu, starting with ‘The last word’.

They were excellent in getting us up and involved to show us everything we needed to know about the drinks, and they were really tasty…and strong!

Now onto the main event…the food! The burgers were really quick to come out, especially with there being such a big group of us and they had a birthday party in, so I was really impressed. One big shout out goes to the sweet potato fries! Now I am a big fan of sweet potato and I can confirm these were some of the best I’ve has in while! I was really impressed with the food and the service on the evening.


One thing I really liked was the decor and the feel of the entire restaurant. It was so cosy and filled with bits and pieces that made the whole place feel unique and personal. They had pictures all around of the people that worked in the old Vospers factory which really added to the atmosphere.

The bar and kitchen was all open so you could see the food and drink being prepared, which I love as you can see what is happening with your order. The design of the whole place has been really thought out and ties together really well.

I already can’t wait to go back! I would highly recommend Vospers if you are after a lush burger and a stiff cocktail!

Grace x


Rogues Cafe! <3

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The new Rogues Cafe has opened in Southampton, next to the Guildhall! It is a fab location and so lush inside!

I went along to a lovely evening that the owners had set up with Southampton Bloggers to try their menu and experience the quirky and cool new restaurant.  Firstly I need to express how friendly and purely passionate the owners are about this fab new opening! It really makes a world of different to a place like this when the owners love what they are doing!

The interior was really cool and a real mix mash vibe, which I love in independent places.

It felt really cosy inside and it made us all feel very relaxed, and they have a dog! Now I am a huge dog person so for me this was a game changer! He was so friendly and extremely well behaved, but it gave the cafe a lovely family feel and became really personal!

Dog menu

They are so reasonable priced with food, soft drinks and alcohol (and they have 2 for 1 on Fridays on ALL DRINKS!).


The food was amazing! One thing they pride themselves on is that all the food is locally sourced!

Everything they brought out was so thought out and simply delicious. It is a perfect place for a light brunch, lunch or dinner with such a varied menu to accommodate the customers.

The menu is even personal, let alone massive! They have made it so different and personal keeping all their notes and details from when they planned what they wanted.


If I can recommend one place to head to this summer it is 100% Roges Cafe! a lovely place with incredible food and atmosphere, I cannot wait to head back.


Grace x