Autumn lipstick colours!! 

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Lipsticks including: 

  • L’Oréal- Colour Riche Matte 430 Mon Jules 
  • MUA- Luxe London liquid lipstick Dare
  • Maybelline- Vivid Matte Liquid 35 Rebel Red
  • Kiko- 602 (didn’t say the type) 
  • Maybelline- Vivid Matte Liquid 50 Nude thrill 
  • MAC- Whirl (Matte) 

These are some of my lipsticks I have dug out and I think are perfect for the chilly weather! 

I’m going to start with the Maybelline Vivid Matte as there are two in the line up and they are to die for! 

Maybelline Vivid Matte

I bought the Nude Thrill to start with as I really wanted to try a nude liquid lipstick and I was so happy with the result I just had to get another! 

As far as liquid lipsticks go that dry as Matte, I had heard they could be quite drying to your lips when they had set properly. This made me a little be dubious to try them but when they go right they just look flawless! So I took the plunge! 


The bottles are quite small so perfect to throw in your handbag and grab for top ups! I love the rectangle shape also, I think it gives the product a bit more of a high end product look, and the shape of the lid makes application really easy 


The applicator is also really good! Considering the lipstick is only £7.00 I was concerned that possibly the applicator would be its downfall but it didn’t even fail there! The applicator is a great size and shape for fully covering the lip and making sure it doesn’t go all over the place. The size also means you can get in the corners of the mouth with it bleeding over. I would still recommend using a lip liner, like I would with any lipstick just to get that lovely clean line we all crave! 

Product itself 

 The product inside is absolutely amazing in my opinion! It is so thick with just one applications and doesn’t sink into the groves of my lips. The way it costs just over, gives a natural but full coverage look, not cakey or so much you feel like you have snogged a clown! 

The first time I wore the product I was waiting to see the outcome of when it has dried in case it felt sticky or made my lips dry out. Well it certainly didn’t! It dries so nicely just enough to give the Matte effect that’s intended but not so much my lips feel like they could crack at any moment! 

I was so happy with this product and the colours are so nice for autumn with the ability to convert from night to day! 💜

L’Oréal- Colour Riche Matte

This is my newest one, only bought it yesterday! I tested it out today at work though lunch and all means of working to see how long it would last and how it made my lips feel! 


As far as packaging goes for L’Oreal products and lipsticks I have to say I love majority of the time! These lipsticks are so pretty with the gold square cases! 

I think the product looks so high end but are so affordable! This lipstick cost me £7 and I think it looks like it should cost £15 to £18 or more! The lid snaps on and off keeping the product nice and not drying out! Which is perfect for chucking in your hand back or clutch to top up through the day or night. 

Product itself 

There were two things I was initially worried about when trying this lipstick: 

1. Would it dry out my lips?

2. Would it last all day? 

Well after wearing the product all day I have to say it didn’t dry my lips and badly as I thought. I did two applications today and only now I’m home and I starting to feel like I need to take it off, that’s 8 hours before I wanted to get it off! Not bad at all! I think as it’s a Matte lipstick it will eventually fee quite dry, so I was expecting it but it definitely was barable for the day.

In terms of it lasting all day I need to give it some credit, although it came off a little and I did have to reapply, I put it though a handle of cups of tea and a huge stir fry! No wonder I had to top up! All in all it lasted a great amount of time and would definitely recommend for an all day wear as long as you have it with you! 

I did however have one little qualm with the way the product applies. As it was a dark colour be prepared for it to bleed over your lips! I tried it out the night before just to see if lip liner was essentially and let just say it 100% was needed. I don’t think this is particularly a bad thing, the product is just so pigmented that it needs a nice general precise application, so TAKE YOUR TIME! 

Kiko lipstick 

I am a sucker for Kiko products because they’re so cheap! We all love a bargain! 


The packaging of the lipstick is so nice, and so unique! I love these ones as you have to put the bottom of the lipstick to release it from the ‘outer shell’ shall we say. I feel like a secret agent clicking it, like I’m the only one that knows how to access the lipstick haha! 

The colour is so nice, golden with a rose gold effect. It just brings the whole look of the product to another level and is so pretty! 

Product itself 

I love the way the product from Kiko applied. It is like a velvet kind of feel and applies the colour nice and pigmented. Again I always like to pair a lip liner with lipstick to crisp the edges and just enhance the colour. 

Although the product applies really nicely I found it wasn’t the best for all day wear. The product is so soft to apply I wonder if this is what effects the long wear coverage. I tend to get a good couple of hours wear out of this lipstick before I find myself applying it again. This product is still so nice though but just be prepared to be getting out your bag quite a bit. Saying that the good thing is the more you apply does not make the product cakey or uncomfortable to wear. 

I would still recommend this purely for what you get for the price! 

MUA Liquid Matte lipstick 

MUA is a great brand for affordability and the products do do it justice! I do like MUA and this colour lipstick is to die for! 


I don’t have too much to say about the packaging of this product as it is a pretty straight forward bottle for liquid lipstick. I do like that you can see the colour and the good thing it comes out exactly as it looks! The black lid against the dark colour looks really nice and makes it seem very evening, even though I think the colour is perfect for autumn days! 

Product itself 

The product is great to apply! The colour is just amazing and comes out extremely pigmented. With just one application the product is so bold and the colour is perfect. The lipstick also dries quite quickly so you get the Matte effect intended nice and fast. 

Although the product is great for colour and application there are two things I doing an issue with. So beware

The first is because it is so great with colour and that it dries nice and fast I doing it really dried out my lips! If wore the product too long I found myself really aware of how tight my lips felt! It would be great for maybe drinks or just not wearing for too long as I found I wanted to take it off after a while. The second issue I found is after I had eaten I needed to top it up, which is understandable as you would have to do this with most lipsticks when you eat the way I do! It was applying another layer that I fount the issue with. The lipstick has not completely come off my lips so I thought to just apply another layer on top, like I would with my other lipsticks. The issue arose straight away I found it made the product bumpy and not sit nice on my lips. For the product to appear nicely again I had to take t off entirely and re apply which I don’t always have time for.

Other than that the product is really nice and like I said the colour is just incredible! I will definitely keep using but be prepared to reapply and maybe take off early! 

MAC Whirl Matte lipstick 

I did have a swatch of this but isn’t in the line up on the photo, it is the forth swatch up –> 

MAC is so well know for lipsticks and everyone kind of already knows they’re good but I just really like this colour and thought the brown is a nice alternative Autumn colour to berries and reds. 


The packaging is the classic MAC lipstick case. I do love  their branding and design of there products as it is so simple but so distinctive as a brand. 

The back and silver is so simple but everyone knows when you whack it out it’s a MAC product. I know that it is a little more expensive but everyone loves a little luxury every now and again! 

Product itself 

MAC lipsticks are the most reliable brand that I buy! The colours are always fantastic and the Matte ones in particular I love. 

The colour of Whirl is quite different for me but I really wanted to try and brown/ dark nude and when I saw this one I had to give it ago! I love this colour and got the matching lip liner to match! 

This colour is one you can take in autumn and transition into winter as I find it to be a very warm brown. The great thing it has the versatility to wear in the day and the night with a lush smokey eye! The product applied really nicely as it has a lovely velvety quality to it, which also means it doesn’t dry my lips out! I do find I need to top up near the end of the day but mainly because the darkness just means it becomes a little obvious when it begins to come off. 

I love this colour and product so much and would highly recommend!! 
Hope you liked this review of my autumn lipstick pics! Let me know what you think and what you want!! 🌸💜